An older adult patient tells the nurse that she does not want to take any more medications because she does not like the side effects that they cause. Which suggestions can the nurse make that would lessen the likelihood of this patient developing medication side effects? Select all that apply.


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- Tell the doctor about any other medications the patient is taking

- Refrain from mixing alcohol with medication

- Take the medication exactly as directed

- Take medication just before going to bed if possible to reduce the impact of side effects

- Talk to the doctor about reducing the dose of the medication


All the answers are correct. A patient may complain of side effects of medications and in some cases, it is not possible to reduce their occurrence. However, there are some steps that patients can take that can reduce the risk of side effects of medications. Patients should make sure the doctor knows about all the medications the patient is taking. Also, patients should avoid mixing other substances with medications and take the drugs only as directed. Taking the medication at bedtime can help reduce the experience of unwanted side effects *IF* the medicine's schedule can be flexible. Finally, the patient can talk to the doctor about reducing the dose to lessen the severity of an unpleasant side effect.

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