We don’t believe in wasting your time, or adding any fluff that is unhelpful to your life as a nurse. We’ll leave that to normal academia. It’s for this reason that all of our training books, courses and everything else is:


We don’t believe long-winded fluff is the best way to teach a subject. You can consider us the most essential SparkNotes version of your 800 page textbook.


Unlike traditional textbooks that just try and sound smart, we place more importance in you actually understanding the material. We’ve broken down very difficult subjects to simple pieces, so you can keep building your knowledge.


We only teach things that you actually need to know for either the NCLEX exam, or real-world nursing. We’ve worked in the industry for decades, so know the lay of the land.


We know you already spent a ton of money on nursing school. That’s why we try and make our training courses and material affordable for everyone to get the help they need.