Have Trouble Finding a Brainsheet (Nursing Report Sheet) That Works? 

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I remember how hard it was in nursing school and as a new nurse to find a brainsheet that “worked” for me. They all either didn’t have enough space for notes or too much or were missing that ONE thing I needed.

Eventually, after several months on the floor in the ICU I finally found a report sheet (brainsheet) method that worked for me.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I get it . . . there is no one size fits all brainsheet so guess what we did . . .

We went to the source! We asked nurses and nursing students working in the ICU, ED, MedSurg, OB, Peds . . . anywhere to send us their brainsheet so we could create the end-all-be-all database of brainsheets.

The response was AMAZING.

We received over 100 example brainsheets.

This database includes the top 33. We will continue to grow the database as time goes on. You can see the most up to date version at NursingBrainSheets.com.


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