Being Able to

Quickly Comprehend Lab Values and Act on Them

is the Best Way to

Save Your Patient’s Life

Let me paint a scenario for you…

You’re on the telemetry floor, caring for a patient after a CABG surgery, he has type 2 diabetes and has history of non-compliance with his diet and alcohol restrictions.

He has been stable the last two days you’ve treated him, but today he seems to be going downhill.

You decide to call the MD treating him.

You explain that your patient has had a cognitive decline since the start of the shift.

The MD can’t get to a computer right now and asks:

“How are his vitals?”

They’re stable.

“How much insulin did you give him with lunch?”

6 units, per the sliding scale. His blood glucose was 190 and he ate lunch.

“How are his labs today?”

You scroll through the screen and start reading off all the abnormal labs.

There are a lot of them.

The MD interrupts you.

“Pertinent labs only, please.”

…. uh….

You don’t know where to start…

What should you do now?!

I tell that story to get a message across:

Knowing and Understanding Your Lab Values is a Vital Skill to Protecting Your Patients.

If you can’t quickly comprehend and react to your patient’s specific lab values, then you aren’t able to care for them at the highest level.

It’s like an pilot flying an airplane – they can know a bit about what’s going on from just watching and feeling, but they have to RELY on the information and data they’re getting from the instrument panel and radar, or they could be quickly getting the plane into a very dangerous and deadly situation.

Just by looking at a few of the more common lab values, you should be instantly able to know…

What’s Going on
Inside your Patient…

If The Medications Are
Working or Not…

One of their Organs are Failing and
You Need Help NOW!

By Knowing and deeply understanding lab values is the best way to become a psychic nurse, and respond to your patient’s problems before they’re life threatening.

By Not Knowing them, you are putting your patient’s life in unnecessary risk, by “flying blind” while taking care of them.

But we understand that

“Just Knowing Lab Values”

Is much easier said than done, because they can be very complex.



Until now…

Introducing the

Lab Values Course


  • 7+ Hours of HD Video Content
  • Lifetime Access
  • Interactive Quizzes to Test How You’re Doing
  • Case Studies to Learn From
  • WorkSheets to Learn by Doing
  • Cheat sheets to Always Have in Times of Need
  • Hours of MP3 Files to Learn on the Go

But this course is different than most…

Instead of just telling you stuff you should Know, we actually explain it so you Understand How it Works.

The difference between those two ideas is HUGE.

The Main Problem With Nursing School

By just hearing and regurgitating the information, you might be able to get the answers correct on a test the next week, but what about 15 years later, after 10 hours down on a 12 hour shift? Will the normal BUN range just pop into your head?

The main problem with nursing school is that the just throw a lot of information at you really fast, and hope that you can soak it all up enough to regurgitate it for a test the next week.

They primarily rely on only spoken lectures to convey the information, which is alright if you’re an auditory learner, but for everyone else… it can be rough.

We Teach Differently

We teach the material differently. We teach by using the 3 main sensory preferences that people have.


All of our lectures are video combined with audio, so we talk you through each and every one of the topics.


While talking through the lecture, we constantly use diagrams, lists, and easily-digestible graphics and drawings so you can see what’s going on.


Lastly, we make you do it! What good is the knowledge if you can’t apply it? We have included many quizzes, worksheets and cheat sheets that make you work things out on your own.

Module Overview

1 – Introduction

  1. Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN Introduction
  2. Susan DuPont RN BSN Introduction
  3. Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN Introduction

2 – Lab Panels

  1. Lab Panels Lecture

3 – Lab Panels by Body System

Coming Soon…

4 – Lab Values by AHRQ Diagnosis

  1. Pregnancy Labs
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Arrythmias
  4. Sepsis
  5. CHF
  6. COPD
  7. Renal Failure
  8. Peds
  9. Ischemic Stroke

5 – Electrolytes Hyper and Hypo

  1. Potassium – K
  2. Sodium – Na
  3. Calcium – Ca
  4. Chloride – Cl
  5. Magnesium – Mg
  6. Phosphorus – Phos

6 – Most Common Lab Values

  1. RBC
  2. HGB
  3. HCT
  4. PLT
  5. WBC
  6. PT / INR / PTT
  7. Albumin
  8. BUN
  9. Creatinine
  10. Glucose
  11. HGBA1c
  12. BNP
  13. Urinalysis
  14. Tropoinin i
  15. Cholesterol
  16. Ammonia
  17. T.Bili
  18. Lactic Acid

7 – Arterial Blood Gasses

  1. ABG Labs
  2. ABG Interpretation
  3. Respiratory Acidosis
  4. Respiratory Alkalosis
  5. Metabolic Acidosis
  6. Metabolic Alkalosis

8 – Order of Laboratory Draws

  1. Order of Lab Draws

9 – Shorthand Lab Values

  1. Shorthand Lab Values

10 – Quizzes

  1. ABG Labs Quiz
  2. Order of Lab Value Tubes Quiz
  3. Disease Process Quiz
  4. Electrolytes Quiz
  5. Drips and Serial Labs Quiz
  6. Comprehensive Quiz

11 – Case Studies

  1. Heparin Case Study
  2. Insulin Case Study
  3. ABG Case Study
  4. MI Case Study
  5. Liver PT Case Study
  6. Renal Case Study
  7. Sepsis Case Study

12 – Worksheets

  1. ABG Fill In The Blank Worksheet
  2. ABG Interpretation Worksheet
  3. Electrolytes Fill In the Blank Worksheet
  4. Shorthand Labs Worksheet
  5. Which Panel Does This Belong To Worksheet
  6. Connect-the-Lab-Values Worksheet

13 – Cheatsheets

  1. Lab Values Book Download
  2. 63 Must Know Lab Values Cheatsheet
  3. IV Fluids Cheatsheet
  4. Electrolyte Abnormalities Cheatsheet
  5. Order of Lab Value Draws Cheatsheet
  6. ABG ROME Flowchart
  7. Lab Values by AHRQ Diagnosis Cheatsheet
  8. Lab Panels Cheatsheet
  9. Cardiac Biomarkers Cheatsheet
  10. Nursing Mnemonics Cheatsheet
  11. Blood Compatibility Chart
  12. Lab Value Skeletons Cheatsheet
  13. Lab Values for Clinical Cheatsheet

Sample Lectures

Ready to Master Lab Values?


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In this course, you’ll be getting…

1) 7+ Hours of HD Video Lectures

We made these lectures as comprehensive yet concise as possible, to go through exactly what you need to know, but not excessive amounts. Each lecture is broken down into 1 specific subject, each being around 4-10 minutes in length.

This way, if you need to find something, or brush up on a specific subject, the video is easy to find, and you’ll be able to get the information you need quickly.

2) Tons of Cheatsheets, Worksheets and Case Studies

We also know that just watching and listening to lectures won’t make you a lab values expert. That’s why we created a plethora of additional handouts, that will give you the leg up you need to master labs.

Cheatsheets – One of the easiest ways to learn the more complex subjects is by simplifying things down into memorable chunks that you can learn and look back on often. That’s why we created a ton of cheatsheets that you can download, store on your phone, or print to keep with your study materials.

Worksheets – You can only learn so much by watching, so we make you do all of the labs and calculations in a number of worksheets that we’ve created specifically for this course.

Case Studies – What good is a academic understanding of lab values if you don’t know how they actually work in the real world, and the effect they will have on your patients? We’ll go through a number of case studies with real-life situations, to show how lab values will ACTUALLY come into play in your job.

3) Interactive Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge

Just because we’re not your nursing school doesn’t mean we won’t be quizzing you! In all honesty, these quizzes are not for additional punishment – they are to track how well you’re picking up and retaining the information, so YOU know where you stand in your knowledge and abilities.

We’ve put quizzes throughout the course that will quiz you on every subject matter, and spit out a grade for how well you’re doing for that subject. You can go back and retake these quizzes an unlimited number of times until you feel confident in your abilities.

Your Course Instructors

Jon Haws


Susan DuPont

Susan DuPont RN BSN

Kati Kleber

Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN


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Ready to Finally Master Lab Values


All Major Payments Accepted
100% Secure Checkout

100% Secure Checkout


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the course on my phone / tablet?
Absolutely! The course is available through any web browser, and is fully designed for mobile browsers, so you can be taking lectures while waiting for the bus, at the gym, or in your other lectures.... (ssshhhhh)
How long can I access the course?
You membership is LIFETIME . . . that means . . . well, lifetime. You will never be charged again and can continue to access the course after completion.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.