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Wasting 1-3 Hours Every Week

Studying Medications You’ll Never Be Tested On…

Here at NRSNG, we’ve asked the same question to every one of the 75,000+ blog subscribers we have –

“What Part of Nursing Are You Struggling With The Most?”

By far the most common answer we get is – Pharmacology.

Studying For Pharmacology…


1) There Are TONS of Meds

In the world of medications, there are literally thousands and thousands of different medications out there. While a few of the meds may sound similar, they are completely different from one another.

2) They Are Super Complicated

With so many meds comes an infinite number more complications and interactions between them.

Want to Know a Secret?…

Only a Couple Of Them Will Be Tested on the NCLEX

“WHAT?!?! Why Am I Studying All Of Them Then?”

Good question.

While the NCLEX exam is about 18% pharmacology, they tend to test on a central set of the most common medications over and over.

That central set is made up of around 140 of the medications that you learned about. Those are also the most common medications you’ll be administering as a floor nurse.

Anything above those 140 meds, and you are…

Wasting your precious time studying things you won’t be tested on.


“But Which 140 Meds Should I Be Studying?“

Another good question.

Without knowing which meds you will be tested on, you’re probably wasting on average 1-3 hours per week studying and memorizing medications you most likely won’t be tested on.

Those hours are free hours you could be…

  • Studying other important subjects…
  • Resting and Relaxing…
  • Actually Enjoying Your College Experience…

Ready to Cut Your Study Time in Half?

The NRSNG team have collected, collated, cut down and simplified the 1,000s of potential medications out there into a single streamlined list of 140 medications that you’ll most likely be tested on.

Introducing the 140 Must Know Medications to Demolish Nursing Pharmacology Book –


The 140 Must-Know Meds Digital Book

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140 Must Know Meds


  • 300+ Pages of Jam Packed, Simplified and Condensed Information
  • Need-to-know details of each of the 140 Meds that are most commonly tested on
  • Obscure facts you might be tested on
  • Common medication class outlines
  • Details nursing considerations in flash card format.
  • PDF Format (Take anywhere, read on your phone)

How Quickly Would You Like Success?

 140 Must Know Meds Book

140 Must Know Meds Book

Pharmacology Study Combo Pack

Pharmacology Study Combo Pack

Pharmacology Success Pack

Pharmacology Success Pack

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Learn From Any Device – Anywhere

(Instant PDF Download, So You Don’t Have to Carry Around More Heavy Textbooks)

“Does It Actually Work?”


As you probably already know, my name is Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN, and I’m the founder and lead teacher here at

This is the EXACT LIST of medications that I used and studied to:

Pass the NCLEX Exam in Only 75 Questions …

… Just 2 Weeks After Graduating Nursing School!

After combing through practice tests, textbooks, learning material and study guides, I figured that the NCLEX exam only test on a handful of meds compared to the thousands that were out there.

If I just knew those meds really well, I could get most of the pharmacology questions right, without having to study for hours and hours extra that I didn’t really need to.

“But Will It Work For Me?”

Don’t just take my word for it. The first version of this book is the

#1 Nursing Pharmacology Book on


Since publishing the first edition, we have gone back through this book, cleaned things up, clarified the points that people were having problems with, and have come out with newer and better version.

Other Nurses Already Love the Book…

“I would highly recommend this book to all current students and new graduates”


“A must get for your tool belt.”


“…highly recommended by all means.”


“I absolutely love this book!”


“This is a priceless compilation”


“A must get for your tool belt.”


… And Have Joined The NRSNG Community…

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Alongside Our Team of Expert Nurses

Ready to Stop Wasting Hours of Time?

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How Much Is The Time Savings Actually Worth to You?

Without this guide, it’s very clear that you’ll be spending hours and hours studying excess material that you don’t actually need to know for the exam.

But how much is that study time worth to you in dollar?

Well, let’s say that on average, you spend about 2 hours per week studying excess material that you don’t need to be. Over a 6 month span, that adds up to a total of 48 extra hours of studying.

The average hourly wage for a nurse around the country is about $32/hour, so that is right about what your time is worth.

So if you multiply the average hourly wage ($32/hr) by the total hours wasted (48 hours), you will have…


Wasted $1,536 in Time Studying Excess Material

This doesn’t even count the hours your couldn’t be studying other subjects, relaxing, or just enjoying the college experience. What are those hours worth?

Now What Sounds Better?



On training that will make your life much easier



Plus hours or precious time studying material you don’t need to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get this book delivered?

Upon successful checkout, the digital version of this book will be sent directly to the email you use on checkout. It’s in PDF format, so you’ll be able to download and read it on any device at any time.


What happens if I end up hating it?

In the off chance that you don’t think this book was worth the $10 you paid for it, we gladly will stand by it, and completely refund your purchase within 30 days of buying – no questions asked!

Who is NRSNG?

I’m glad you asked! NRSNG is a group of high-level nursing professionals (RN, BSN, CCRN, SRNA, RPh, RD, LD, MS, CNSC, etc.) and a growing community of nurses and nursing students from all around the world.

It’s our mission to change nursing education forever, and give nurses the tools and confidence to succeed through school, exams, and their successful nursing careers.

You can learn more about us and why we do what we do on our Start Here page.

Ready to Stop Wasting Hours of Time?

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