1) Which of the following condition in the pediatric patient are you going to be administering high doses of aspirin to treat the child?

2) Which of the following pediatric client is in need of emergent intervention?

3) A nurse is assessing a 4-year old child who is in the hospital for a tonsillectomy. The child is playing in the toy room of the pediatric unit and the nurse notes that the child interacts with other patients and sometimes shares some of the toys. This best describes which type of play as seen among children?

4) A pediatric nurse is providing education to the family of a child who recently had surgery. The child's family consists of the child's mother and stepfather, as well as her biological brother and stepsister. Which of the following situations best describes this family structure?

5) A couple has brought their 7-year-old child in for a routine pediatric physical. The parents are concerned because their son seems much shorter when compared to his peers. Which component of the assessment is most important to include when identifying growth problems with this patient?

6) The parents of a 4-year-old child have brought him in to the pediatric care clinic for a routine physical exam. The parents tell the nurse that their child has never had immunizations as a baby, but they would like to start giving the vaccines now. Which response from the nurse is accurate?

7) A nurse is caring for a 14-year-old boy in the pediatrics department who needs to have surgery right away. The nurse has several other patients to care for as well, but the surgical team arrives to take the patient to the operating room. The nurse has not yet finished her charting on the patient. Which of the following actions is most appropriate in this situation?

8) Which best describes the role of the utilization review nurse in pediatric care?

9) A nurse is giving a liquid medication to a two month old baby in the pediatrics unit. Which intervention is most appropriate to consider when giving medicine to a child this age?

10) A pediatric nurse has floated to the NICU to work her shift. The physician has ordered a dose of intravenous caffeine for a newborn baby who was born four weeks prematurely. Which of the following describes the rationale for giving this infant caffeine?

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