1) A first time mother is 25 weeks pregnant. She asks the nurse what the best position to sleep in is. Which position should the nurse instruct the mother to sleep in?

2) A client is 41 weeks pregnant and in labor. The client is unable to lay down on the stretcher due to such immense pain. Which of the following medication does the nurse anticipate to be ordered for this client?

3) A 40 week pregnant client is going to have their labor induced. Which of the following medications would the nurse anticipate to give to the client?

4) A patient who is 34 weeks' pregnant is seen at the OB/GYN office for a prenatal appointment. The patient has 3+ pitting edema in her ankles and feet. What information should the nurse give to the patient that would best help to control this condition?

5) A patient who is 36 weeks' pregnant tells the nurse that she is not getting enough sleep at night because she is so uncomfortable. Which position should the nurse recommend that the patient try to sleep in?

6) A pregnant patient who suffers from a pollen allergy is being seen for management of symptoms. The nurse is teaching the patient about how best to prevent an allergic reaction. Which of the following statements by the nurse is most appropriate?

7) A patient who is 16 weeks' pregnant is at the healthcare provider's office for a routine prenatal exam. The nurse is educating the patient about pregnancy-related body changes that will most likely occur in the next several months. Which best describes a condition that affects the musculoskeletal system that occurs during pregnancy?

8) A nurse is caring for a 28-year-old pregnant client with a history of renal disease. The patient has developed reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy (RPLE). Based on this diagnosis, which symptom would the nurse most likely expect to see?

9) A 28-year-old patient who is pregnant with her first child is at the doctor's office for a prenatal exam. The patient is in her first trimester and the nurse is providing information about eating fish during pregnancy. Which of the following information is correct?

10) A 35-year-old pregnant patient tells the nurse that she has been feeling significant stress in her life since she found out she was pregnant. Select all of the appropriate measures the nurse can suggest as part of stress reduction in a pregnant patient.

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