1) A 50-year-old woman brings her mother to the hospital for a mental health assessment. The woman states that her mother is verbally abusive toward her, has thrown items at her when she visits, and has called the woman's employer to complain about her. What response from the nurse is most appropriate?

2) A patient with schizoaffective disorder has been admitted to the inpatient mental health center of the hospital. The patient tells the nurse that he hears voices telling him to leave the hospital. Which response from the nurse is best?

3) A psychiatric and mental health nurse is working with a family who is undergoing group therapy. Which action from the nurse best demonstrates the view of the family as a unit?

4) A patient with bipolar disorder is being seen in the mental health clinic. The patient has had difficulty sleeping and appears agitated; he is talking excessively and jumps from one topic of conversation to the next. The nurse has given this client a nursing diagnosis of Sleep Pattern Disturbance. Which of the following nursing interventions are most appropriate in this situation? Select all that apply.

5) A 50-year-old patient with schizophrenia is being seen by the mental health nurse. The patient is demonstrating signs of altered thought processes. Which communication pattern would most be associated with schizophrenia or psychosis? Select all that apply.

6) A patient with catatonic schizophrenia is in the hospital on the mental health unit. The patient has not moved for 3 days. Which of the following nursing interventions best demonstrates that the nurse is upholding the patients safety in this situation?

7) Which of the following are potential nursing diagnoses for a client with Bipolar Disorder? Select All That Apply

8) A patient with a history of bipolar disorder has been brought in to the hospital because he was running through a neighborhood without any clothes on. The patient tells the staff that he wants to go home. Which of the following is evidence that the patient is voluntarily willing to be admitted to the hospital? Select all that apply.

9) Which of the following are likely traits of a client with Schizophrenia? Select All That Apply.

10) A client has come into the emergency room complaining about being followed and that people are trying to kill them. The nurse reviews the clients medications and notes the client is likely to have schizophrenia based on which medication?

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