Does NRSNG work for NCLEX® prep? (review of NRSNG Academy NCLEX®)

nrsng nclex review

Struggling in nursing school?

NRSNG can help skyrocket your grades 🚀

You’ve invested 2-4 of your best years into nursing school.

You’ve gone into debt.

You’ve ignored your family, your friends, your pets.

All for this moment . . . you’ve passed nursing school . . . but now?  You’ve got to pass the NCLEX!

Your friends keep talking about NRSNG.  You’ve used the cheatsheets, watched a couple videos, even heard about SIMCLEX.  But the real question is; Will NRSNG work for NCLEX?

I get it.  We’re a small company.  We’re the new kids on the block (not those ones).

The short answer is YES!  NRSNG will get you that pass on the NCLEX.  In fact, our students have a 99.42% NCLEX pass rate and we even give you a 200% NCLEX pass guarantee.

But this is a BIG decision . . . so let me share some of our users experience.  This question was posted recently in our private members only Facebook group. And here are just some of the responses that came flooding in!


nrsng nclex review testimonial


Look . . .  I know NRSNG will be ALL you need to pass NCLEX so let me list a few of the reasons why.

  • Comprehensive NCLEX review course
  • 6,000+ NCLEX practice questions
  • SIMCLEX – NCLEX Simulator
  • NCLEX review ebook
  • Custom NCLEX study plans
  • Private members only group
  • Mobile app

These are just a few of my favorite features inside NRSNG NCLEX Review . . . you can view them all HERE. Let me dive in and share a bit more about each of my favorites.

Comprehensive NCLEX® Review Course

A complete course covering every topic you need to know to pass NCLEX taught by practicing nurses.  Each lesson in the course includes mastery quizzes, HD video, cheat sheets and more visual learning tools.   Mastering lessons allows you to keep track of your progress.

6,000+ NCLEX® Practice Questions

Each of our thousands of questions is written by an NCSBN trained NCLEX question writer (the NCSBN is the organization that administers the NCLEX) and is a practicing nurse with 10+ years of experience.  Rationales are in depth and explain why each answer option is right or wrong.  On top of that . . . rationales include video lessons that explain the topic in greater detail.  For many nursing students, rationales are the best way to prepare for NCLEX . . . with our question bank, prep is a breeze!

SIMCLEX® – NCLEX® Simulator

Giving you a test with 100 questions and then telling you Pass/Fail is NOT a simulation!  I repeat . . . NOT A SIMULATION.

SIMCLEX takes NCLEX simulation to an entirely new level by mimicking the exact computer adaptive algorithms used in the actual NCLEX exam like 99% confidence interval, timing rules, question categories . . . you name it.  If you want to walk out of NCLEX feeling like you just took a 1st grade spelling test, SIMCLEX is your best friend.

NCLEX® Review eBook

Reinforce all the learning with our 400+ page, full color NCLEX review book.  Broken down into clear and concise bullet points that help you fill in the gaps and uncover the MOST important information, this ebook is included with your NCLEX prep by NRSNG.

Custom NCLEX® Study Plans

Our nurse educators have poured through the NCLEX test plan (written by the NCSBN) and the scoured through the NRSNG Academy to create NCLEX study plans for 2, 4, 6, and 12 weeks prep programs.  Just select your test date and pick the right study plan . . . the thinking is all done for you . . . just follow the plan!

Private Members Only Group

We call this group the most supportive nursing cohort on the planet!  Unlike other groups, the NRSNG group is full of encouragement and motivation.

Mobile App

Do you study best with audio lectures?  Want to take practice questions on the go?  With the (included) mobile app you can study anytime – anywhere.  Listen to lectures while you drive to and from school or take practice questions while you “watch” your kids soccer game.   It’s all right here.

Pass the NCLEX® or we pay you back 200%

Finally, my favorite part about NRSNG is that we back up your purchase with a 200% NCLEX pass guarantee.  If you pass a SIMCLEX but do not pass NCLEX, we will pay you back 200%! (read terms for full details).

Look, the world needs more nurses . . . and we want YOU to be one of those nurses.  Get start with NRSNG today.


What are you struggling with in nursing school?

NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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