Can an LPN/LVN use NRSNG Academy to pass the NCLEX-PN?


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The base knowledge required to become an RN or a PN is similar.  What is different is how that knowledge is applied in practice.

The NCLEX-PN focuses on gathering information while the NCLEX-RN focuses more on assessing patients and creating care plans.

Since the NRSNG Academy education style focuses on giving you a better understanding of that base knowledge it will help both the RN and the PN apply that knowledge in the method appropriate for their practice.

We asked our current LPN users to get their feedback.  Here is what they said!

Will the NRSNG Academy help me get through LPN/LVN school?



I am an LVN/LPN should I use the entire NRSNG Academy? 



Which specific NRSNG Academy tools are most helpful to pass the NCLEX-PN? 



LPN Nrsng academy review


Will the NRSNG Academy help me to pass the NCLEX-PN? 

A Few More Examples

Pass the NCLEX PN with NRSNG LPN

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NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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