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The 4 commandments of Select All That Apply Questions

You have studied, followed the words of your professors and read the holy nursing bible.

You went to all the sermons and have tirelessly been a faithful disciple.

So it is no surprise to you that when the Select All That Apply (SATA) devil shows up, you turn to prayer.

But just as you think nobody is hearing your prayers, the NRSNG team comes down from Mount Sinai holding the 4 commandments of SATA.


Select All That Apply Commandments

Commandment 1: Honor thy Truth and thy False as this will get you to the answer of SATA.

You need to look at the SATA question as a series of true or false questions. The best way to do this is to take each option and phrase it like a true or false question and if it is true, then you select it as an answer. Check out our detailed post on how to do this!

Commandment 2: Thou shall not commit question adultery while answering a SATA question.

You already know that SATA are multiple questions in one so take it one line at a time, one true or false question at a time. This is pretty key here because you can really build a maze of rabbit holes on yourself if you play the ‘if this than that’ game. Not only will this cause you to think LONGER than needed but you will probably get the question wrong.  

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Commandment 3: Remember the NCLEX day, keep it holy, know that getting SATA is not your undoing but rather a symbol of hope that you are doing well on the NCLEX.

You may not realize this, but you really want SATA questions because this symbolizes that you are playing in the big leagues now. My father always taught me to practice shooting the basketball as though there was a defender in front of me all the time so that when I was playing in the game I was able to make the shot. Taking the NCLEX is similar, practice for the NCLEX as though you are going to be blocked, get the skills to maneuver past the defender that is the SATA question that is trying to stop you from winning the game. Do not accept defeat, practice for the win. We’ve already created a court with defenders for you to practice on, try it out here.

Commandment 4: You shall not have any other NCLEX, for I, the NCLEX, your NCLEX, am a jealous NCLEX.

Wishing you could have another NCLEX is not going to save you. Embrace our holy NCLEX as this is the only way to Nurse-dome. Literally… No.Other.Way. So practice, practice, practice and rejoice when you come across a SATA question on the NCLEX. Look that SATA, point your staff to part the SATA sea into T/F questions, then as you walk through the Red SATA sea, you collapse those walls of water down behind you, do not look back!

From experience I can tell you that playing the Hail Mary card is like running into a fight without your gear on (AKA a bad idea) , so I propose instead that you draw your sword-o-knowledge from your scabbard-skull and SLAY in the name of nursing students everywhere!

Nursing Practice QuestionsThe World’s Largest Bank of Nursing Practice Questions... for Free!
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Date Published - Jul 12, 2017
Date Modified - Jun 18, 2019

Susan DuPont, RN BSN

Written by Susan DuPont, RN BSN

Susan DuPont, RN, BSN works as an Emergency Department nurse in Michigan. Her true passion is the pediatric population. When she is not nursing she is buffing up on her outdoor survival skills or lifting weights.