Ep174: Becoming a Healthy Nurse with Masen Mills (@nurse_muscles)

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Masen Mills (@nurse_muscles) journey into nursing was very nontraditional.  In fact it reminded me a lot of my own (job he hated, new baby, contemplated nursing for years).

Masen is the mastermind behind  @nurse_muscles on Instagram and NurseMuscles.com where he provides fitness and nutrition consulting focused on helping individuals achieve their peak level of fitness.

He does all this while finishing a second Bachelors degree, being a husband and parent, and working a travel nursing job over 200 miles away from home . . . yeah . . . he’s a beast.

In this episode we discuss a TON of stuff . . . in fact we had so much to talk about we talked an additional hour or so after we finished recording.

We talk about:

  • How to find an OR job right out of school.
  • Getting over the hurdles that are keeping you from applying to nursing school.
  • Travel nursing.
  • The role of fitness in nursing.
  • How to eat and live healthy even if you work night shift.
  • How he “get’s it all done”.

We discuss so much more.  Take a minute . . . listen to the episode and check out NurseMuscles.com and follow him on Instagram @nurse_muscles

how to be healthy as a nurse


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