Lithium (Lithizine)

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What is the Generic Name for Lithizine?


What is the Trade Name for Lithium?


What are the Indications of Lithium (Lithizine)?

  • Mania

What are the Actions of Lithium (Lithizine)?

Alters cation transport and neurotransmitter reuptake

What is the Therapeutic Class of Lithium (Lithizine)?

Mood Stabilizer

What is the Pharmacologic Class of Lithium (Lithizine)?


What are the Nursing Considerations of Lithium (Lithizine)?

  • Do not administer with NSAIDs
  • Monitor drug blood levels frequently
  • May cause seizures, arrhythmias, fatigue, confusion, nausea, anorexia, hypothyroidism, tremors
  • Ace Inhibitors may increase serum levels
  • Instruct patient to maintain adequate fluid intake
  • Therapeutic level: 0.5-1.5 mEq/L

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