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10 Jobs for Nurses Outside the Hospital (can I have #6 please?!)

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Are you a bedside nurse looking for a nursing job outside of the hospital, or maybe a new nurse that wants to look into all your options in the nursing field? Maybe you want to stay within the hospital and earn some extra income on your days off….

Before we get started, I want to say a few things about these jobs.

  • Salaries vary greatly based on experience, location, type of job . . . as we always say, don’t chase the money.
  • Many of these jobs require additional training or certification.
  • As a new nurse, we highly recommend starting in a tertiary care hospital and getting experience with a wide range of patients.
  • Average salaries for all nurses around the US is: $45,000-$83-000 based on PayScale.com.  Again this number can be much higher for a nurse with a few years experience in California or lower for a new grad nurse in North Dakota.

Either way, we have some great examples of nursing jobs that do not require you to work within a hospital.  Check out these non-hospital jobs that we found….

1.  Legal Nurse Consultant

Wood Judges Gavel And Scattered Colorful Drugs On The Dollar Cash Background, Overhead View, Concept For Medical Negligence, Bail, Monetary Compensation, Drugs Falsification

Legal nurse consultants work within a legal team.  They are the medical experts on cases and help attorneys read medical charts, interpret medical terms and lab work, and consult with the team on health related cases.

Salary Range: $54,381 – $210,678


2.  Occupational Nurse

Arzt begrüßt neue Mitarbeiterin im Team seiner Kollegen

Occupational nurses work with employers to help ensure that employee have a healthy and safe work environment and lifestyle. They create health and safety programs for the employees as well as provide preventative healthcare.

Salary Range: $40,417 – $85,425


3.  Nurse Writer

happy girl student preparing homework, preparing for the exam with books at home on the floor

A nurse writer is exactly what is sounds like!  You can either write for academia, or self help books for nurses or nursing students.  These can be self published or work with an organization or publisher.  NRSNG writes and publishes all of our own books and literature.

Salary Range: Varies


4.  Nurse IT/Informatics Nurse

woman doctor working on computer


IT Nurses (or Informatics Nurses) do not do one on one patient care.  Instead they work as a link between the clinical IT system and patient care.  They evaluate facilities healthcare IT, research new programs, and educate staff on how to use programs within the medical setting.

Salary Range: $54,684 – $99,115

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5.  Medical Sales Representative

Young nurse portrait

Nurses working as medical sales representative can work for a variety of companies such as medical device, supply, and pharmaceutical companies.  As a nurse specialist they are responsible for training and educating the staff on products.  Some nurse reps may even work with surgeons within the OR to train them on how to use a new device.

Salary Range: $43,508 – $181,901


6.  Cruise Ship Nurse

Beautiful young multicultural woman taking a selfie on a Caribbean beach.

Cruise ship nurses are responsible for the day to day health of the passengers on the cruise ship. They report directly to the on board physicians and nurse practitioners.  They are the first ones called in case of an emergency to provide first aid care until the ship doctor is able to arrive at the scene.

Salary Range: $57,000 – $70,000


7.  School Nurse

Close-up image little boy using inhaler for asthma.

The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) defines school nursing as a specialized nursing practice that advances the well being, academic success, lifelong achievement, and overall health of students. The role of the school nurse has evolved, as their responsibilities often go beyond just ensuring that basic health services are available to students during the school day.

Salary Range: $29,969 – $67,274


8.  Clinical Educator

NPQ (4)

Clinical nurse educators are responsible for providing staff development expertise as an educator.  They conduct needs assessments and create strategic plans.  They coordinate orientation of new staff, develop education plans and ongoing competency courses, creates core educational material for patients, and much more.

Salary Range: $53,766 – $102,249


9.  Nurse Educator

3d illustration of bright empty classroom for lessons and traini

As nursing students we all know that we need qualified well rounded and knowledgable nursing instructors to teach our next generation of nurses!

Salary Range: $53,860 – $99,885


10.  Nurse Researcher

Middle age woman working on her blog

A nurse researchers primary job is to improve the field of nursing through research and creating evidence based practice.  They design studies, analyze data, and report their results.


Salary Range: $30,869 – $118,484 


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The nursing field is VAST and there are many directions that you can go with your degree once you have it.  There are so many jobs for nurses outside of the hospital and this is just a short list to get you started.  Let us know if you have worked any of these jobs, or maybe if you have looked into one that we have not included in our list.

Happy Nursing!

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Date Published - Jul 31, 2017
Date Modified - Jun 14, 2019

Heather Hawkins

Written by Heather Hawkins

I am a nurse, a wife, and a mom to a sassy little 3 year old girl. I graduated from an accelerated second degree program in 2012 and went straight onto the cardiac/telemetry unit that I did my internship on. I have recently made the transition into wound care – in which I travel all around the Midwest and consult with wound care nurses to help get their patients the supplies that they need.


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    Maddie Mechelsen

    Hi all!
    I am graduating in May with my BSN and then taking the NCLEX soon after hopefully!
    Everyone asks me what kind of nursing I want to do. To be honest, I still have no idea what kind of nursing I want to do. I have been through all my clinical student rotations, and absolutely LOVE them all. I love all units I have worked on.
    ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS? Suggestions on how to maybe personally narrow the options down? Just for application purposes?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I value all input.


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    I am a bedside nurse working in military hospital in Bhutan.i am still working and it’s been 21 yrs service..I am assistant nurse but can work ad midwive nursing too.since I am interested to work out side..am 40 yrs old married with 3 kids(daughter)

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    I hope to work outside the hospital
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    I work part-time as a corporate wellness nurse. We go into businesses to do health screenings and health coaching. The schedule is very flexible, and since there aren’t many screenings scheduled close to major holidays, we have long holiday breaks that are scarce in nursing. The main drawback is the fact that the number of jobs available can vary a lot throughout the year, so you need to budget accordingly.

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    i m persuing my gnm so what i should done after that for abroad jobs i want to take admission in canada so how can i get marks in the nclex exam

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    PRAISE THE LORD ???????????? Sir/Mam.. HAPPY NURSES DAY!! Am very proud to be a nurse.. I completed my BSc nursing & working has a staff nurse in JCI Accreditation Hospital ( INDIA ) past 2 years.. Now Can you please give me some tips!!! How to get score in NCLEX & ILETS exam and I like to work in abroad countries can you pls guide me sir..