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5 Nursing Students Share How to Succeed in Nursing School (Kick this Semesters Ass)

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I talked to 5 current and previous nursing students and asked them what advice would they give to new nursing students . . . Here’s what they said.

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6 Tips to Succeed in Nursing School


  • Just Breath
  • Learn How to Manage Your Time
  • Show Interest in Clinicals
  • You MUST Work Hard
  • Develop Test Taking Skills
  • Discover Your Learning Style

I want to personally thank Jessica, Taylor, Rikki, Luis, and Jenna for being willing to share their advice.  We’re all in this together!

Nursing Mnemonics CheatsheetWant 50 of the most helpful Nursing Mnemonics??
Grab the Free Cheatsheet

Date Published - Aug 7, 2017
Date Modified - Jun 13, 2019

Jon Haws RN

Written by Jon Haws RN

Jon Haws RN began his nursing career at a Level I Trauma ICU in DFW working as a code team nurse, charge nurse, and preceptor. Frustrated with the nursing education process, Jon started NRSNG in 2014 with a desire to provide tools and confidence to nursing students around the globe. When he's not busting out content for NRSNG, Jon enjoys spending time with his two kids and wife.