20 Gross Medical Pictures for Nurses to Gross Out Their Friends

Disgusting medical pictures

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Nurses are weird right?  Often times at dinner with my family I’ll get going on (what I think is) a great story . . . only to have my family start screaming . .  “Stop! We’re eating”.

  • Call it desensitization.
  • Call it a morbid curiosity.
  • Call it . . . just being a nurse.

But we seem to thrive and enjoy seeing or hearing morbid pictures/stories.  As an ICU nurse I love seeing the pictures . . . my mind automatically switches into trauma mode.  I start thinking about how I would treat the patient, what meds, bandages, etc is this patient going to need to improve.

I just thrive in the trauma setting, the business, the life or death situations.  Call me crazy . . . I don’t think you will though . . . because you’re a nurse too . . . and we are all a bit crazy!

Are you like me?  If so here are a few pictures you can use to gross your family out.


1.  Please hire a professional

2.  Work of Art


3.  If you smell gas…leave!

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Here's a case you don't get to see every day, extensive facial trauma due to gas explosion! Gas explosion is one of the most fearful accidents that happens due to a gas leak. People suffer from severe injuries that give even skilled surgeons some troubles. Notice that the patients tongue is severed, the lips and a part of the mandible along with some teeth are detached from place and are being held by the surgeon. Clamps were placed on different areas to stops the bleeding, and a tracheal tube was inserted in order to assist breathing. This patient is alive and underwent a series of reconstructive operations in order to bring both aesthetics and functionality as close as possible to normal. Credits and post-op photo – @maxillofacialtips

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4.  Medication can be harmful

5.  Wow

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Peripheral giant-cell granuloma is what we call to this crazy oral pathology. This condition represents the most common oral giant cell lesion, usually presents as a soft tissue purpulish-red nodule and microscopically consisting of a large number of multinucleated giant cells. The etiology is still unknown, although there are assumptions that it can be stimulated by local irritation and trauma of the maxillary or mandibular gingiva (where is starts from in most cases). This lesion isn't considered as a true neoplasm, and it's usually not as large as in this case but has a relatively rapid growth rate, meaning that it can get pretty big if not removed surgically on time. Photo by @saeedhajizadehh

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6.  The miracle of life…

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Your baby will develop inside your uterus with the help of a fetal life-support system composed of the placenta, the umbilical cord, and the amniotic sac (which is filled with amniotic fluid). The placenta is like a trading post between the mother's and baby's blood supply for nutrients and intake of oxygen, as well as, the discharge or carbon dioxide. This protective system allows the baby to grow in the perfect environment. Therefore, at all cost, watch carefully what you eat. For example: it is known that, high exposure to mercury (teratogen) during pregnancy can damage brain, lungs, kidney and other organs. Avoid some fish like mackerel, shark, and overall big fish. Moreover, high-corn fructose syrup (HCFS) is known to have high mercury levels. Talk to your care physician for more information 👀 #######•••••••@@@@@@@@@#^^^^^^^^^.^ Tag a friend 🗣

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7.  Ouch!

8.  Surgeons can do amazing things

9.  Lucky to be alive

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10.  Start seeing motorcycles

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DISCRETION. Professional educational content ⚠️. 🇺🇸 Case sequence – Motorcycle accident. So, let's assemble the puzzle. Due to the extensive laceration, no surgical incision was needed and all upper and middle facial fractures were fixed by wound trauma. Case conducted by Dr. Max Cotta. Keep following and tag your friends to see the final result. ————- 🇧🇷 Sequência do caso – Acidente motociclístico. Então, vamos montar o quebra-cabeça. Devido a extensa laceração facial, nenhum acesso cirúrgico foi necessário e todas as fraturas dos terços superior e médio foram fixadas pela própria ferida do trauma. Caso conduzido pelo Dr. Max Cotta. Continue seguindo e marque seus amigos para ver o resultado final. #maxillofacialtips #maxillofacial #maxillofacialsurgeon #maxillofacialsurgery #facialtrauma #motorcycleaccident #surgery #surgeons #surgeryday #traumatology #ctbmf #omfs #chamaobuco #reconstructivesurgery

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11.  A Machete…really…

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DISCRETION. Professional educational content ⚠️. Identity preserved. 🇺🇸 A rare etiology of trauma. This man was hit by a machete directly to the face! YES, he is alive! * This case wasn't conducted by me or anyone of my team – unknown author. ————— DISCRIÇÃO. Conteúdo educativo profissional ⚠️. Identidade preservada. 🇧🇷 Etiologia rara de trauma. Esse homem foi atingido por um facão diretamente no rosto! SIM, ele está vivo! * Esse caso não foi conduzido por mim ou por qualquer outro cirurgião da nossa equipe. Autor desconhecido. #maxillofacialtips #maxillofacialsurgery #maxillofacial #maxillofacialsurgeon #omfs #ctbmf #facialtrauma #machete #reconstructivesurgery #trauma #traumatology #chamaobuco #surgery #surgeons #surgeryday

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12.  His after pictures are pretty amazing

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DISCRETION. Professional educational content ⚠️. A RARE CASE REPORT!!! 🇺🇸 This 5-year-old boy was referred after have been hit by a motorcycle. We observe an intact left eye luxation and an extensive eyebrow laceration. The child didn't presented visual acuit and perception of light. A complete limitation of extraocular motility in all directions was observed. Do you wanna see the final result? Tag your friends and keep following. Case conducted and published by Dr. Márcio Amaral. OMFS team of João XXIII Hospital, Belo Horizonte – Brazil. (J Maxillofac Oral Surg, 2015). ————- DISCRIÇÃO. Conteúdo educativo profissional ⚠️. Identidade preservada. 🇧🇷 Esta criança, de 5 anos de idade foi encaminhada após ter sido atropelado por moto. Observamos uma luxação intacta do globo ocular esquerdo e uma extensa laceração na sobrancelha. A criança não respondia aos testes de acuidade visual e percepção de luz. Uma limitação dos movimentos oculares em todas as direções foram observadas. Quer ver o resultado final? Marque seus amigos e continue seguindo. Caso conduzido e publicado pelo Dr. Márcio Amaral. Equipe de CTBMF do Hospital João XXIII, Belo Horizonte – Brasil. (J Maxillofac Oral Surg, 2015). #maxillofacialtips #maxillofacialsurgery #maxillofacialsurgeon #maxillofacialsurgery #facialtrauma #omfs #ctbmf #reconstructivesurgery #surgeons #surgery #chamaobuco #maxillofacial #surgeon

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13.  Makes me think motorcycles are death traps

14.  Fixation

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DISCRETION. Professional educational content ⚠️. Identity preserved. 🇺🇸 The next step was the mandible reconstruction with 2.0 system followed by the left orbital fixation (zygomaticofrontal and zygomaticomaxillary sutures). Picture of the left side mandible fixation. Case conducted by Dr. Sebastião Bueno. Keep following and tag your friends to see the final result! ———– DISCRIÇÃO. Conteúdo educativo profissional ⚠️. Identidade preservada. 🇧🇷 O próximo passo foi a reconstrução mandibular com sistema 2.0 seguido pela fixação da órbita esquerda (sutura frontozigomática e zigomaticomaxilar). Foto da fixação mandibular direita. Caso conduzido pelo Dr. Sebastião Bueno. Continuem seguindo e marcando os seus amigos para ver o resultado final! #maxillofacialtips #maxillofacial #maxillofacialsurgery #maxillofacialsurgeon #omfs #ctbmf #facialtrauma #facialreconstruction #surgery #surgeryday #gasexplosion #explosion #chamaobuco

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15.  Always wear your seatbelt

16.  EEK

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Spinal tumour grade III. @cpmantrana

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17.  How do they put that back together

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Mandibular segmental resection.

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18.  How did this happen?!

19. ahhhhhhhhhhh

20.  Hope you weren’t hungry


Ok maybe just a few more….








Make sure to share with your friends….

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Bwahahahahahaha (thats our evil laugh…)


Photo Credits: Phalinn Ooi

Post image from: Maxillofacialtips —-> https://www.instagram.com/maxillofacialtips/

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