Epinephrine (Adrenalin, EpiPen): antiasthmatic, bronchodilator, vasopressor

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Generic Name


Trade Name

Adrenalin, EpiPen


asthma and COPD exacerbations, allergic reactions, cardiac arrest, anesthesia adjunct


Affects both beta1 and beta2 also has alpha agonist properties resulting in bronchodilation and  increases in HR and BP. Inhibits hypersensitivity reactions.

Therapeutic Class

antiasthmatic, bronchodilator, vasopressor

Pharmacologic Class

adrenergic agonist

Nursing Considerations

  • Side effects of epinephrine include: angina, tachycardia, hypertension, restlessness, nervousness, hyperglycemia
  • Use with MAOI may lead to hypertensive crisis
  • Patients should not use stimulants (caffeine, guarana, etc)
  • Excessive use may cause bronchospasm
  • Assess lung sounds, pulse, BP, and other hemodynamic parameters
  • Monitor for chest pain
  • Instruct patient to use as directed
  • Patient should insure adequate fluid intake to liquefy secretions
  • Mouth should be rinsed after inhalation
  • Beta blockers may negate effects
  • May increase blood glucose levels

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