Ep179: Why Are Experienced Nurses so Mean and Humor in Nursing with Ann from @RN_MFKRS_

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So . . . a couple things here . . .

One of the most common concerns that we get from nursing students is . . . Why are experienced nurses so mean to students?


Have you heard of @RN_MFKRS_ on Instagram

In this episode of the NRSNG Show (click above to play) I have the privileged of talking with Ann from @RN_MFKRS_ who, in my mind, has one of the most REAL to life Instagram accounts depicting life as a nurse.

This episode is full of wisdom and humor . . . here are a few things we talk about in the show:

  • How to stay motivated during nursing school.
  • Why nurses can be mean to nursing students.
  • The one piece of advice every nursing student should hear.
  • Where you should take your first nursing job.
  • The role of humor in nursing.

funny nursing memes

Where You Can Find Ann:


This was a super fun episode and I loved talking about the lighter side of nursing . . . what are your thoughts?

What are you struggling with in nursing school?

NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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