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Ep077 Safety and Infection Control Standard Precautions Evaluate whether aseptic technique is performed correctly

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  • Great reference for this:  Common Breaks in Sterile Techniques, published by the AORN Journal
  • Common breaks
    • Not noticing compromised packaging
    • Not noticing moisture on or in the package
    • Unsterile person touching the sterile field
    • Outside, unsterile packaging, touching inside sterile packaging
    • Not watching out for each other and letting each other know when compromised or almost compromised
  • May work in the OR or help with sterile procedures on your unit
    • In OR, you’re in different scrubs… most likely not in your unit however… may need to wear a gown if at bedside and helping
      • For example, assisting an MD putting in a CVC
  • Non-sterile people shouldn’t be within 12 inches of the sterile field
NCLEX Test Prep OutlineWant to Know Exactly How to Prep for the NCLEX Exam?
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Date Published - Jul 26, 2017
Date Modified - Jun 26, 2017


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