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Ep071 Safety and Infection Control Standard Precautions Apply Principles of Infection Control

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  • Hand hygiene
    • Washing hands thoroughly at appropriate times
  • Surgical asepsis
    • AKA sterile technique
    • Maintaining sterility, sterile items may only touch other sterile items
  • Isolation
    • Appropriate room assignment (private room, or may share a room with a patient with similar pathogen if not on airborne precautions), appropriate labeling of the room (communicate level of isolation, not violating HIPAA), educating patient/family, PPE readily available outside of room
  • Universal/standard precautions
    • Precautions that we use on all patients
    • Hand hygiene
    • Gloves when dealing with bodily fluids
    • Essentially, treating all bodily fluid as if it is infected with a bloodborne pathogen
    • Bloodborne pathogens can live on surfaces for days-week at a time, appropriate cleaning is essential after spills
NCLEX Test Prep OutlineWant to Know Exactly How to Prep for the NCLEX Exam?
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Date Published - Jul 12, 2017
Date Modified - May 22, 2017


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