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Ep069: Safety and Infection Control Standard Precautions Assess Patient Care area for Sources of Infection

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  • Whenever you’re providing care, ensure you’re keeping everything clean (or sterile, if required)
  • Examples of situations…
    • When you remove the cap from the spike on your IV tubing to start IV fluids, it cannot touch anything else other than sterile part of the IV bag it needs to be inserted into
    • Clean up bodily fluids properly
      • Appropriate wipes
      • Using appropriate precautions for patients on chemo
      • Dispose of the items appropriately
    • Scrub that hub!
    • Wash your hands guys…
      • May need to remind/reinforce patients and family to wash their hands
    • If you’re using the bedside table while giving meds, performing a procedure, and so forth… make sure it is cleaned off appropriately
    • All connections on lines, drains and airways are covered and cleaned appropriately
      • Appropriate foley catheter, central line care
NCLEX Test Prep OutlineWant to Know Exactly How to Prep for the NCLEX Exam?
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Date Published - Jul 5, 2017
Date Modified - May 22, 2017


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