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Ep065: Safety and Infection Control Home Safety Assess Need for Patient Home Modifications

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  • Examples include lighting, handrails, kitchen safety
  • Apply knowledge of patient pathophysiology to home safety interventions
    • Are they hard of hearing, have visual deficits?
    • Do they have the dexterity to use handrails or a LifeAlert?
    • Can they use their home oxygen/respiratory equipment?
    • Can they call someone if there’s an issue?  
  • Educate patient on home safety issues
    • Hot water heater setting
    • Appropriate lighting on the interior and exterior of the home
    • Rugs
    • Cleanliness
    • Stairs
    • Pets
    • Medication labeling
    • Ability to lift things (pot full of hot water)
  • Encourage the patient to use protective equipment when using devices that can cause injury
    • When disposing of used needle/syringes/medical equipment
    • Oven mitts for kitchen safety
    • Respiratory equipment
  • Evaluate patient care environment for fire/environmental hazard
    • Complete a walk through
    • Note concerns like rugs, things that are difficult to see, space heaters, electric blankets, smoking, steps, electrical cords, compromised electrical equipment
    • Keep exits clear and clearly marked
    • Assess if patient has fire extinguisher
    • Assess if patient knows who to call if fire/emergency occurs
    • If patient has oxygen at home, make sure they understand the fire hazard concern
    • RACE / PASS
NCLEX Test Prep OutlineWant to Know Exactly How to Prep for the NCLEX Exam?
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Date Published - Jun 26, 2017
Date Modified - May 21, 2017


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