Ep024: Follow Up on Unresolved Patient Issues

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        • Issues arise frequently that require the nurse to address them and ensure the problem has been resolved
        • Examples
          • Lab problems: unable to get serum sample, sample obtained hemolyzed, came to draw lab and patient at another test
          • Nutrition issues: patient received wrong food, need appropriate enteral feeding formula, food not received, diet order not in place
        • Various patient requests: medication changes/concerns, internet connections, missing items, communicating to loved ones
        • Prioritize by level of urgency
        • Let patients know about progress in resolution if not yet complete
          • Example
            • Patient’s husband upset that his wife has not had food in 2 days.  Speech therapy saw patient 2 days ago and said she was not safe for oral intake.  MD wanted to give her a few days before inserting a feeding tube.  At the beginning of the shift, he is very angry that staff has not fed her yet.  
            • Immediately let him know you will address this issue and touch base with speech therapy because they arrive at 0830 and then begin rounding.  Re-educate him that it is not safe to give her food until they clear her.  (Many times it is helpful to bring things back to the bottom line: safety.)
            • Let him know when you called them and what they said
            • Let him know roughly when to expect speech therapy to round
            • After they have evaluated patient and addressed need, touch base with him again to make sure he understood what they said and expectations going forward
        • Always follow up, close loops and make sure all concerns and needs have been addressed

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