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Ep016: Manage Conflict Among Patients and Staff

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        • The nurse is at the bedside with the patient 24 hours/day and they typically feel most comfortable with their nursing staff.  Therefore, if a problem or personality conflict arises, the patient will most likely verbalize this to the nurse and look for guidance
        • Find the balance of supporting the patient, making them feel heard, but not throwing your team members under the bus
          • Listen to concern, take appropriate action if necessary
            • Follow up with team member that is involved in conflict, communicate any concerns
            • Involve administration if necessary (nurse manager, team member’s manager)
          • Don’t cut down others or place blame
          • Handle in a professional manner
          • If any correction or restitution is needed, ensure that it is provided
            • For example, if patient ordered food 3 hours ago and never received it, make sure you follow up and get them something to eat
NCLEX Test Prep OutlineWant to Know Exactly How to Prep for the NCLEX Exam?
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Date Published - Oct 24, 2016
Date Modified - Oct 17, 2016

Jon Haws RN

Written by Jon Haws RN

Jon Haws RN began his nursing career at a Level I Trauma ICU in DFW working as a code team nurse, charge nurse, and preceptor. Frustrated with the nursing education process, Jon started NRSNG in 2014 with a desire to provide tools and confidence to nursing students around the globe. When he's not busting out content for NRSNG, Jon enjoys spending time with his two kids and wife.