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Ep13 Drug Interactions (TDCI)

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TDCI (These Drugs Can Interact)





Ilosone (Erythromycin)


drug interactions nursing mnemonic

Common Medication Prefixes and SuffixesWant to Instantly Understand Medications Just by Knowing the Prefix or Suffix?
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Podcast Transcription

Alright, so, this next mnemonic is a mnemonic to help you remember some medications that interact with each other. A lot of meds can interact but not really cause a problem. But these medications really can. So, the mnemonic is TDCI standing for These Drugs Can Interact. So, that’s pretty easy, pretty straight forward, so, TDCI, Theophylline, Dilantin, Coumadin, and Ilosone. And the other medication or the other name for Ilosone is Erythromycin. So, you probably hear it probably called Erythromycin, more so, but that’s the other name, is Ilosone. So, if Coumadin and Ilosone are taken together, it can increase the effects for coumadin which therefore increases your risk for bleeding. So, you really wanna pay attention to see if a patient is on both of those. The next one is Coumadin with Dilantin, the potential to increase both the effects of coumadin and dilantin so they can have increased bleeding and then the dilantin. It is for antiepileptic reasons, maybe getting into a toxicity situations. So you really wanna pay attention too, if they are on both of those. And then the Theophylline and Dilantin, if they’re taken orally, they can interfere with the absorption of each other and actually decrease their medication effects. So, that would be a, you know, pretty big deal with those are not being absorbed appropriately. So, again, the mnemonic, is TDCI standing for These Drugs Can Interact. Theophylline, Dilantin, Coumadin, and Ilosone or Erythromycin.


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Date Published - May 26, 2016
Date Modified - Jul 30, 2017