Ep112: Declare WAR on Nursing School with NurseMurse

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Struggling in nursing school?

NRSNG can help skyrocket your grades 🚀

NurseMurse is a rising star on YouTube . . . his channel over at YouTube.com/NurseMurse is jam packed full of helpful tips for nursing students from how to prepare for nursing school to dealing with Poop in the Face.

In this interview we talk about how to reach your goal of becoming a nurse despite the difficulty involved with reaching that goal.

NurseMurse is truly an inspiration and a highly focused nurse that will make a huge impact on our industry.

You guys can do this!  If you are preparing to get into nursing school or just about to start a new semester . . . . this is the episode to listen to.

Resources Mentioned:

What are you struggling with in nursing school?

NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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