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Master Your Meds

IV SolutionsShadow
IV Solutions

A quick reference guide to the most common IV solutions you’ll come across in a hospital.

Drug Card TemplateShadow
Drug Card Template

Studying Pharmacology drugs can suck. This Free Drug Card template can make your life much easier.

Nervous System PharmacologyShadow
Nervous System Pharmacology

Pharmacology can be tough. This cheatsheet can make studying and remembering the drugs used on the nervous system much easier.

50 Most Commonly Prescribed MedicationsShadow
50 Most Commonly Prescribed Medications

This cheatsheet will make you instantly familiar with the most commonly prescribed meds that you will see on the floor.

Common Medication Prefixes and SuffixesShadow
Common Medication Prefixes and Suffixes

Want to instantly recognize what most medications mean and do? Breaking down the name and recognizing prefixes and suffixes is a great place to start.


63 Must Know Lab ValuesShadow
63 Must Know Lab Values

The quickest and easiest way to learn all of your most important lab-values.

ABG WorksheetShadow
ABG Worksheet

Use this worksheet to find out pathophysiological issues given the ABG levels on the sheet.

Lab Value SkeletonsShadow
Lab Value Skeletons

This cheat sheet can make referencing lab values quick, easy and visual.

Order of Lab Value DrawsShadow
Order of Lab Value Draws

Learn exactly which lab value draws go when, and what colors they are, so you can quickly reference them.


10 Common EKG Heart RhythmsShadow
10 Common EKG Heart Rhythms

Once you get the EKG leads on, what should a normal hearth rhythm look like?

5 Lead EKG  PlacementShadow
5 Lead EKG Placement

How would you respond if your preceptor told you to place the EKG leads? This guide can help.

Hemodynamic ValuesShadow
Hemodynamic Values

Do you know all of the standard Hemodynamics Values? This cheatsheet makes it easy to remember.

Heart Murmurs GuideShadow
Heart Murmurs Guide

Our quick reference guide can help you keep the different kinds of Heart Murmurs straight.


Heirarchy of O2 Delivery MethodsShadow
Heirarchy of O2 Delivery Methods

Want to be able to give the perfect nursing report every single time? We’ll show you what to share, and what to ignore.

Want a Free Nursing Cheatsheet in Your Email Every Friday?