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Ep11: Bradycardia (IDEA)

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Atropine Sulfate


bradycardia hypotension nursing mnemonic

Podcast Transcription

Alright, so this next mnemonic is to help you remember the medications you use when you’re treating symptomatic bradycardia and hypotension. And remember, bradycardia and hypotension, typically, you’re really only treating if they’re symptomatic. Some people live with a bradycardic heart rate and it’s normal for them. So, if you put on a heart monitor on a patient and you’re seeing their resting heart rate is 45, while that may can be technically below your 60 beats/minute threshold, if that’s where that person lives, and maybe their heart muscle is a very efficient pump, you know, you don’t need to treat that necessarily unless they are having symptoms. Now, let’s say, it’s your patient that’s whose heart rate has been 80 their whole shift, your whole shift or their whole admission, and then, all of a sudden, you got a heart rate of 45. Yeah, that’s gonna be an issue. You wanna make sure you’re doing a full assessment and make sure you’re not having any symptoms. So, when you have a patient that’s presenting with a low blood pressure and/or bradycardia, you have various medications and interventions you can utilize. So, but sometimes you can kinda forget what medications are appropriate because, you know, low blood pressure, typically, you’re gonna give them fluid first. But then, after fluid, what do you do? So, there’s a few different options and ways to remember these medications for bradycardia and hypotension. So, the mnemonic is IDEA. IDEA. So, I have an IDEA for how to treat this bradycardia and hypotension. So, the I is for Isoproterenol, Isoproterenol. The D is for Dopamine. E is for Epinephrine. And A is for Atropine. So, IDEA. I have an IDEA for how to treat my hypotensive or bradycadic patient. IDEA. I – Isoproterenol, D – Dopamine, E – Epinephrine, or A – Atropine. IDEA.


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Date Published - May 22, 2016
Date Modified - Jul 30, 2017