Ep193: Be That Nurse . . . (your patients may forget your name)

be that nurse - nursing school motivation
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I Love You . . .

My first shift in the Neuro ICU all by myself as a new nurse I was assigned a patient who was scheduled to withdraw life support during my shift.

The family gathered. The ventilator was turned off. And within 30 minutes the patients heart stopped beating.

My job became caring for the family, helping them cope, and educating them on the procedures that would follow.

As the patients mom said goodbye to her son for the last time, she stopped before leaving the unit and gave me a big hug and said to me:

“I love you, I will never forget you. . . ”

She Was Done Fighting

Not more than a week after that experience I was assigned a young 40 year old mother of 3 sons who had been battling cancer for 5 years unsuccessfully.

I had taken care of this beautiful woman on many occasions as she was frequently in our unit. During this hospitalization it was obvious that she was done fighting.

The BiPAP was no longer able to provide her the support she required and she had decided not to be intubated again.

About halfway through the shift, with her husband and children gathered at her side, she took off the BiPAP and passed away.

It was impossible to hold in the tears as I spoke with her young sons. We talked at her bedside for a few hours and shared tears and laughs before they kissed their mom/wife goodbye.

As they left, they thanked me for taking care of their mom.
Patients and families will ALWAYS remember their nurse.

Bring Light to Your Patients

The nurse that brings a light during the darkest time of their life.

They will forget their doctor, they will eventually forget the pain . . .
but they will NEVER forget that nurse that sheds a tear with them, that holds their hand through the night.

At NRSNG . . . our goal is to hold YOUR hand in your journey to RN.
Nursing is a team sport . . . we’ve been where you are now and NRSNG.com is our way to give back.

Be that Nurse!

What are you struggling with in nursing school?

NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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