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Atropine is used for a variety of reasons from decreasing secretions with end of life care to ACLS uses.  Get our book 140 Must Know Meds at medoftheday.com

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Date Published - Dec 3, 2014
Date Modified - Apr 8, 2016

Jon Haws RN

Written by Jon Haws RN

Jon Haws RN began his nursing career at a Level I Trauma ICU in DFW working as a code team nurse, charge nurse, and preceptor. Frustrated with the nursing education process, Jon started NRSNG in 2014 with a desire to provide tools and confidence to nursing students around the globe. When he's not busting out content for NRSNG, Jon enjoys spending time with his two kids and wife.


  1. Karla Simpson

    I bought all three books on Amazon. So glad I came across them and this site. I am a CVR nurse who’s been out of nursing after raising three children. Two with special needs. It broke my heart to have to leave my unit but raising children is a blessing. I am now starting back and on a busy Med surg floor. This site and the books are super. I use them all day long. I know now that I CAN do this and plan to move back into cardiac critical care and sit for the cvrn. Thank you all for your dedication to this amazing profession!

    • Jon Haws RN CCRN

      Jon Haws RN CCRN

      thank you so much for the kind words. And keep at it. So glad we can be of help to you on your journey!