Ep168: How to Accomplish the ONE Goal That Will Change Your Life in 100 Days with John Lee Dumas

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Take one minute and think about it . . . .

There is ONE big freaking goal in your life that you have put off.  ONE goal that if you accomplished . . . everything else in your life would fall into place.

Are you struggling to pass the NCLEX?

Are you trying to get into nursing school?

Do you want to lose 10 pounds?

Do you want to get a job in the ICU?

Maybe you want to become manager of your unit?

We all have that ONE thing!

John Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneur on Fire a “Best of iTunes” podcast and the #80 podcast in ALL of iTunes.  Less than four years ago he was in a job he hated . . . now, he runs a multi seven figure business with his girlfriend, Kate and a small handful of employees.

How did he do it?

Setting ONE goal and giving himself a 100 day time limit to reach that goal.

After interviewing over 1,000 entrepreneurs he found one common theme to their success . . . GOAL SETTING.

The Freedom Journal

John created The Freedom Journal to help anyone identify and reach their ONE goal in 100 days.


  1. By creating goals the RIGHT way (using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals system);
  2. By being held accountable DAILY through affirmations, quotes, resources, documenting progress, and more;
  3. By breaking BIG goals up into smaller, bite-sized chunks (sprints);
  4. By conducting quarterly reviews (every 25 days – take a look back and reflect); and
  5. By maintaining a GOAL-oriented mindset.

Think of this as the best accountability and mindset partner you could ever find.  Learn more about the Freedom Journal at TheFreedomJournal.com

the freedom journal


Here is a quick outline of what we discuss in this episode:


Surely you have heard of SMART goals before.  In fact, you are probably sick of hearing about SMART goals, but let’s dive in just a bit more into what they are.  Here is how SMART goals are explained by John and Jordan (The Art of Charm).

  • S – Specific: Say exactly what it is you want to accomplish. For example, “I want to lose weight.”
  • M – Measurable: Determine what successfully accomplishing this goal will look like for you. For example, “I want to lose 20 pounds in 100 days.”
  • A – Attainable: Do the research to make sure this goal is realistic for your situation. For example, “Is losing 20 pounds in 100 days a reasonable and healthy goal for someone of my sex and current size?”
  • R – Relevant: Make sure this goal is relevant to your overall success. For example, “Will losing 20 pounds in 100 days make me feel better, be more healthy, and look better?” Or, if you’re a podcaster, “Will fiddling around on Pinterest for two hours a day help me grow an audience better than just focusing and making a better podcast?”
  • T – Time-Bound: You have 100 days to accomplish this goal.

Goals and Nursing School

Think about this . . . what is the biggest goal in your life right now?

    • Straight A’s

Pass the NCLEX

  • Get a job in the ICU
  • Get into nursing school

As a nursing student you have SO many huge things that you are trying to accomplish.  Focus on that ONE thing, that one goal that will transform the rest of your life.  Give yourself 100 days to accomplish it and follow the plan outlined in this episode and in this journal.

I believe that most of us have no clue just how much we are capable of . . .

Developing a SMART goal centered around that one thing will transform your life and then FOCUS . . . follow one course until success.


I hope you guys are as fired up as I am about getting that one goal accomplished.

Remember . . . you are the average of the five people you spend your time with.

John and his team have partnered up with Pencils of Promise to help build schools in developing countries.  To learn more about Pencils of Promise . . . click here.

Pencils of Promise Guatemala May 2011

What are you struggling with in nursing school?

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