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Most Schools Make Nursing Way More Complicated Than It Needs to Be


My name is Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN, and I know what you’re going through.

Hours and hours of classes everyday, filled with complicated topics, shoved at you all at once. It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose…

Some professors are great, so you really enjoy the subject, and maybe will remember most of it.

But others… *shiver* … just like to hear the sound of their own monotonous voice for hours at a time…

Then they all seem to like to pile on mountains of reading and clinical paperwork each night, forcing you to go through thousands of pages of boring text books, assuming you will remember and memorize it all.

Heck, then even charge you $10,000’s for the privilege of it all!

The traditional approach to nursing school is the equivalent of walking from New York to San Francisco. Sure, you’ll get there eventually, but it’s going to be a long, hard road.

Studies Have Shown That You Only Remember As Little As...

Of Material from Lectures

Of Material from Reading

So Even if You Try to Memorize As Much As You Can Now...

…You Won’t Remember or Understand It for the NCLEX®


Let alone 3 Years later, 9 hours into a 12 hour night shift when a patient is crashing...

Most Nursing Students Are Feeling the Same Way That You Are Right Now... Overwhelmed and Under Pressure

Everyone struggles through at least a few classes (if not all of them) during nursing school. Any of these ringing a bell so far…?

  • Pharmacology (#1 most-struggled subject)
  • Lab Values
  • Cardiac / Telemetry
  • Mental Health
  • OB / Peds

There is so much material to go through and memorize for the test next week, that you don’t actually understand what’s going on under the surface, which would have made everything much easier to begin with.

How well do you think that will suit you in 3 years time, when you are 8 hours into a 12 hour night shift, and need to quickly remember what symptoms are caused by increased ALT levels…

Even just remembering the indications of Metoprolol in a few months time for the NCLEX® exam will be rough.

This shotgun blast approach to learning is leaving many students vastly unprepared for being an excellent nurse, let alone even passing their NCLEX® exam.

Not Passing the NCLEX® Your First Time Will Cost You $10,000 – $20,000 in Lost Wages, Fees and Study Costs

I’m Going to Let You In on…

My #1 Nursing School Secret…

This is something that helped me…

Graduate Nursing School with a 3.89 GPA

(Even After Dropping Out Due to Horrible Professors and My Newborn Son’s rare congenital birth defect)

Pass the NCLEX® in 75 Questions on My First Try

Only 2 Weeks After Graduation

Get a Job Fast at a Lvl 1 Trauma Hospital in Dallas

Then Become an ICU Nurse, Charge Nurse, Preceptor, and Code Team Nurse.

Do You Remember the Last Time Something Just “Clicked” and You Instantly Understood an Entire Subject?

You were probably struggling through a particular subject, not able to make sense of the new terms and see how everything fit together.

But after struggling through, you ran across one little something or "Ah Ha!" moment that made everything just make sense?

That Little "Click" or "Ah Ha!" Is Known As…

A Linchpin

Almost Every Topic Has Its' Own “Linchpin” That Pulls Everything Together

Linchpin: (noun)
1) A person or thing that holds something together : the most important part of a complex situation or system

It’s that one little piece of understanding that instantly decodes the mess of information, and makes all the dots connect in your mind.

It’s the ONE THING that can make your studying 1,000x times easier.

Without that Linchpin, you are…


Spending 10x The Time That You Should

Unnecessarily Studying When You Could Be Relaxing, Hanging with Family, and Living a Normal Life

Working WAY Harder than You Need To

What If I Could Instantly Remove Your Anxiety Over Nursing School and the NCLEX® Right Now By Giving You…

The "Linchpin" Keys for the Most Difficult Nursing School Subjects

Cutting Edge Study Tools That Will Focus Your Attention and Slash Your Study Time

Confidence That You’ll Rock the NCLEX Your First Time… Guaranteed

Introducing The

NRSNG Academy

Your All-In-One, Secret Weapon for Dominating Nursing School and the NCLEX® Exam... Guaranteed


Condensed Courses

1) Condensed Courses

Study Tools

2) Premium Study Tools

To Help You Actually Understand Nursing Subjects, We Have…


Boiled It Down

The Mass Amounts of Content into the Most Important to Know, and Most Tested Upon Parts

Found The “Linchpin”

That makes each of these subjects instantly understandable, so you actually know it, and not just remember it.

Presented It Simply

So you’ll be able to read, listen, watch and practice every lesson, and learn it in the method you prefer most.

A Quick Tour Around the Backend

Covering the Most Difficult Subjects in Nursing School With 8 Full Courses, and Over 497 Lessons and Growing!


Pharmacology Course Normal Price – $59


84 Lessons

Our renowned MedMaster Course is taught by a master pharmacist, and has helped thousand of people finally comprehend the medications and solutions that nurses will need to know.

View Full Course Outline

Lab Values Course Normal Price – $59

Lab Values

70 Lessons

Understanding Lab Values in your patients is like having a nursing superpower to see exactly what is going on inside their body, and what is about to happen. We’ll show you the insider’s methods of reading these.

View Full Course Outline

Obstetrics Course Normal Price – $59
Exclusive to Academy


86 Lessons + OB Pharm

Caring for the Obstetric patient is like nothing else you will do in nursing. The process of pregnancy and delivery is foreign to many students prior to nursing school. The OB course outlines the entire process in 86 information packed lessons. We've also included an OB Pharm module covering specific medications for the OB patient. This course is designed to make you comfortable and confident in your caring for the OB patient.

View Full Course Outline

Pediatrics Course Normal Price – $59
Exclusive to Academy


73 Lessons

Pediatric patients have very unique needs that differ from the adult patient in many ways. They require unique care and experience disease processes not experienced by the adult patient. To provide this unique care you need to have a deep understanding of the diseases and needs of this patient population. For many nursing students, Peds is one are they struggle with the more than any other in nursing school. With 73 lessons covering the most important information you need to know, this course will help you become a competent pediatric nurse.

View Full Course Outline

MedSurg Course Normal Price – $29

MedSurg Review

86 Lessons

Wow! What an enormous topic right? In this course we have separated the MUST know information from the fluff. By focusing on the must know we provide you, in 86 video lessons, with the information needed to finally make A&P, Nursing Fundamentals, and MedSurg finally "click". Each video forces you to focus you on finding that linch pin that makes the rest simply fall into place. The goal behind this course isn't to give you tricks . . . but to provide you with knowledge on the Adult MedSurg patient in such a way that you will remember 5,10,20 years down the road as an experienced nurse. The course is broken down by body system so that you can learn in a focused manner.

View Full Course Outline

Cardiac Essentials Course Normal Price – $29

Cardiac Essentials

35 Lessons

The heart DRIVES the body. To fully understand MedSurg and the human body in general it is VITAL that you have a deep understanding of the Cardiovascular system. For that reason we have separated the Cardiac portion from the rest of the MedSurg course and provided you with 35 lessons covering just the cardiovascular system. We take a deep dive into cardiovascular anatomy and physiology and then uncover the top dozen disease processes. Armed with this knowledge the "rest" will start to finally fall into place from pharmacology to neuro.

View Full Course Outline

Mental Health Course Normal Price – $29
Exclusive to Academy

Mental Health

29 Lessons + MH Pharm

Many nurses and nursing students struggle with mental health, but allow me to let you in on a little secret . . . no matter where you work as a nurse, you need to have a deep understanding and comfort level with the Mental Health patient. When a Schizophrenic patient has a heart attack, they don't go to the Mental Health floor . . . they go to the Cardiac floor. Taught by nurses with deep understanding of the mental health patient and edited by Mental Health professionals, this course will have you acing Mental Health and even excited for your mental health clinical.

View Full Course Outline

EKG Interpretation Course Normal Price – $19

EKG Interpretation

34 Lessons

As a nursing student preceptor I remember working with a nursing student on her last clinical day as a student. We discussed EKGs and half way through our discussion she asked, "Wait, what's asystole?" ... it was at that moment I realized that a better, more focused resource covering EKGs needed to be created. Taught by ICU nurses (CCRNs). Imagine looking at a monitor and quickly being able to identify the rhythm and knowing what it means! Imagine know EXACTLY what is going on in the heart by simply looking at a rhythm. This is one of our most popular courses and has helped thousands of nurses and other health professionals finally master EKGs.

View Full Course Outline

With More Courses Being Added All the Time!

Included in Every Single Course Is...


HD Video Lectures

HD Video Lectures

Beautiful video lectures, so you can follow along with our master teachers as they illustrate and explain the most complex of topics.

Text Outlines

Text Outlines

If you prefer reading or just need a quick-reference, we have the abbreviated outlines available for every lesson.

Audio + Transcripts

Audio + Transcripts

Want to listen while you’re driving or working out? How about read over a transcript when you don’t have headphones? We have both available!

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Knowledge is great, but until you can relate it to actual patients, it’s worthless. We include actual patient stories and examples of most of the things you’ll run into.

Nursing Case Studies

Nursing Case Studies

Again, knowledge is only good if you can apply it. We go over real-life nursing situations and scenarios of many of the topics, so you’ll understand how you’ll see them in real world nursing.



Need a quick reference or study tool you can print off and take with you, or just save on your phone / computer? We included dozens of beautiful cheatsheets you can use at anytime.

Knowledge Quizzes

Knowledge Quizzes

To test your knowledge, and help prepare you for tests and the NCLEX® exam, we’ve included multiple quizzes for every course, so you can measure your knowledge.

Here's a Few Sample Lessons...

To Help You Become a Master... Faster, We've Also Developed

6 Cutting-Edge Study Tools



An Adaptive Testing NCLEX® Exam Simulator

We have cracked the code on how the NCLEX® exam presents questions, and have reverse engineered our own version - SIMCLEX.

A) Adaptive Testing Algorithm - Unlike other "simulators" that just blast random questions at you, this actually increases and decreases in difficulty, based on which questions you’ve got right and wrong, just like the NCLEX® exam.

B) 75 to 265 Questions - Just like the NCLEX® exam, SIMLCEX will show you anywhere from 75 questions, to the maximum 265, depending on how well you are scoring. Other simulators just show 75 no matter what.

C) Unlimited Practice Attempts - The BEST way to get really good at the NCLEX® … is to practice taking the NCLEX. The more mock exams you take, the more comfortable you will be with the question and answer formats, and the better you will do.

We’ve showed this to a bunch of nursing educators and students, and the 2 most common reactions are:

"Holy crap, why didn’t I have this earlier?"

"Why Aren’t You Charging a TON for this?"

Instead of charging $100’s for it to make massive profits (like Kaplan or other programs do), our mission is to give nurses the education and confidence to be excellent (not just appease shareholders), so we have included it in our affordable NRSNG Academy membership, so more people who need it can get access to it.

Nursing Practice Questions

2) Nursing Practice Questions PRO

Bank of 3,500+ Practice Questions on Every Subject

This has been an incredibly popular tool for nursing students looking to prep for an upcoming test, or just get ready for the NCLEX® exam.

A) NCLEX® and Nursing Categories - Just like nursing school and the NCLEX® exam, these questions cover all question categories that you’ll find, so you can either narrow down on the current subject you’re taking, or take random questions to prep for the NCLEX.

B) Category Grades and Feedback - Want to know which subjects you should be focusing the most of your study time on? This keeps track of what NCLEX® and nursing categories you’re the best at, and which ones could use a bit more work.

C) Overall Grade and Global Rank - Want to know how you stack up against other nurses around the world? We keep track of your overall grade and questions answered, and measure that up against every other nurse in the program, so you can compete against each other, and see where you stack up!

Instead of other tools that make you only download their app, this tool is web-based, so you can access it from your computer, tablet or smartphone, for testing wherever and whenever you feel like!

Flash Cards

3) Flash Cards

500+ Flashcards to Study on the Go… Without the Paper

Don’t you hate it when you have a few minutes down time waiting for the bus or your next class that would be perfect for drilling a few lab value numbers… but you forgot your flashcards at home? Not any more!

500+ Cards and Growing - We’ve already created the 500 most common and popular flashcards for you, so you don’t have to figure out which ones to include or not. We’re adding to this flashcard bank daily too!

Filter by Category - Want to just test Pharm Medication Indications? What about Pharm Nursing Considerations, MedSurg and Lab Value normal ranges? With this app, you can do it with just a click, and without sorting and fumbling through hundreds of cards.

Available Any Time, Any Where - Instead of forgetting your flashcards at home, this is always with you - on your computer, tablet or phone, so you can study when and where ever you would like!

Time to really master those lab values!

Image Database

4) Image Database


5) Audio Database

Two Complete multimedia databases, so you can grab audio explanations / podcasts, or image examples of just about any medical condition, procedure, etc. that you will run across on the floor.

Narrow it down by subject or search around to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Exclusive Cheatsheets

6) Exclusive Cheatsheets

Delivered Weekly. Just like Friday Freebies… Except Exclusive

Want to have a leg up on your classmates?

Included in the Academy are weekly Exclusive Cheatsheets that can help you get an edge in competitive nursing programs

Your classmates will just assume you are mile ahead of them...

200% Money Back Guarantee

To Top It All Off, We Even Include Our Semi-Crazy

200% Pass Rate Guarantee

If You Go Through the Academy and Don't Pass the NCLEX® Your First Time, We'll Give You a Full Refund... PLUS That Same Amount in Cash

I know what you’re probably thinking… "Why the heck would they offer that?"

The truth is that we believe in this material that much.

We’ve yet to have anyone not pass after going through this material :)

In fact, we’ve had people come to us after failing with other BIG name programs, that are finally able to pass using our methods.

We think that you’ll benefit so much from this different method of teaching and understanding, that we will guarantee you’ll pass the NCLEX® on your first attempt, or we’ll pay you back all of what you paid us, plus that full amount again on top of it. PLUS, we’ll give you lifetime access to the Academy to make sure that you pass it fully on the next attempt.

No strings attached. No catch.

We have put in years of effort to make these courses, so our only requirement for this guarantee is that you need to have completed all of the course material.

If you’ve done that, and didn’t pass your first time, just email us at, and we’ll make sure to have 200% of your purchase price in your bank account the very next day.

Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

In addition to all of the other benefits, we also run a private NRSNG Academy Facebook Group. This is the perfect place to ask questions, network with other high-level nurses, and finally be a part of something bigger!

Are You Ready to Master Nursing School, and Pass the NCLEX… Guaranteed?

 NRSNG Academy Membership

NRSNG Academy Membership

Medmaster Pharmacology Course
84 Lessons | Everyday Price - $59
Lab Values Course
70 Lessons | Everyday Price - $59
Obstetrics Course
86 Lessons | Value - $59
Pediatrics Course
73 Lessons | Value - $59
MedSurg Review Course
86 Lessons | Everyday Price - $29
Cardiac Essentials Course
35 Lessons | Everyday Price - $29
Mental Health Course
29 Lessons | Everyday Price - $29
EKG Interpretation Course
34 Lessons | Everyday Price - $19
Value - $399
Nursing Practice Questions PRO
Everyday Price - $15 / month
Flashcards App
Value - $49
Image Database
Value - $29
Audio Database
Value - $29
Exclusive Weekly Cheatsheets
Value - $29
200% Pass Rate Guarantee
Pass the NCLEX Your First Time or 200% Money Back
Private Facebook Group
Ask Questions and Network With Other High-Level Nurses
Full LIFETIME Access
After You Complete the Payments
Combined Cost If Purchased Separately

$49/m for 9 Months

Then Full Lifetime Access

Start My $1 Trial Now!For 3 Days of Full Access

Join the Thousands of Satisfied Nursing Student Customers from Around the World...

With a Team of Experts…


… And Thriving Community of Nurses and Nursing Students Around the World

Podcast Downloads
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Are You Ready to Master Nursing School, and Pass the NCLEX… Guaranteed?

$49/m for 9 Months

Then Full Lifetime Access

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How We Stack Up

 NRSNG Academy

NRSNG Academy





NCLEX Mastery

NCLEX Mastery

Complete Nursing Course Material
HD Video Lectures
Audio and Transcripts
Case Studies and Patient Stories
Subject Knowledge Quizzes
Full Bank of NCLEX® Practice Questions
Computer Adative NCLEX® Exam Simulation
NCLEX® Test Taking Strategies and Tactics
Medical Image Database
Flashcard Study App
Cheatsheets and Clinical Reference Sheets
Growing Course and Membership Material
Worthless Once You Pass NCLEX®
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
200% NCLEX® Passing Guarantee
Private Facebook Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I Start My $1 Trial?
Immediately after you start your $1 trial membership, you’ll be able to create account credentials / login and have access to all of the primary course material. We’ll send you an email receipt of your trial transaction, then in 3 days time if you do not cancel, you’ll maintain access to everything the Academy has to offer and we’ll bill you for 9 payments . . . . then you’ll have LIFETIME access to all current and FUTURE material . . . Easy as that!
How do I access my courses?
You can access all of the academy resources at any time by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of the screen. After you login, you’ll be taken to the My Account page, where there will be links out to all of the material that you have access to.
Do I have lifetime access to the material?
Yes! As soon as you complete the 9 monthly payments for either of the membership packages, you will have full lifetime access to all material. That way, if you end up changing positions years down the road, just want to brush up on a particular area of nursing, or want to enjoy all future additions to the Academy, you’ll always be able to!
What if I cancel my membership before the full 9 months?
No problem at all! If you cancel your membership before the full 9 month period, then you will have access to the material through the last month you paid for. To get the full lifetime access, you’ll need to complete the full 9 month cycle (just like an infant baby).
Can I just buy one of the subject courses?
Sure! If the full Academy membership isn’t right for you, and you just want to brush up on a particular subject, we have most of the courses available for individual purchase in the Courses section of the website. Some of the courses (such as Mental Health, OB/Peds, etc.), and most of the tools are only available in the Academy membership.
What if I am not happy with the membership?
As long as you cancel within your 3 day trial you will receive no additional charges and there are no penalties for cancelling. If you are past your trial period you can still cancel at any time with no penalties. And of course we have our incredible 200% NCLEX pass guarantee.
What if I don’t pass the NCLEX® the first time?
It’s ok, it happens! If you don’t pass the NCLEX® the first, just let us know. If you’ve gone through all of the Academy material, and still didn’t pass, we’ll immediately send you back 200% of what you paid us. Then, we’ll make sure that you have lifetime access to the teaching material, so you can have as much studying as you need to get back on your feet and try it again. If there are parts you’re really struggling with, we’ll help you to figure out what you need to know to master it.
Did you really pass the NCLEX® in 75 questions?
Yup, I really did.
NRSNG is so awesome!
That’s not a question . . . but THANKS!

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Are You Ready to Master Nursing School, and Pass the NCLEX… Guaranteed?

$49/m for 9 Months

Then Full Lifetime Access

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