Founder and Lead Teacher

Having worked as an ICU nurse, preceptor, Code Team Nurse, ICU Charge Nurse, and mentor to thousands of nursing students I strive give you the support, encouragement, education, and tools you need to succeed in nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and excel as a nurse.

I have a relentless passion for simplifying the process of nursing education. . . it has become unnecessarily over-complicated, with too much fluff and politics. It’s time to ditch the old way.

I am so happy you are here and want you to feel welcome and appreciated as a member of the NRSNG Family.

We are all in this together.



Tarang Patel RN CCRN SRNA RPh


Tarang is both a Pharmacist, Critical Care RN, and Nurse Anesthetist student allowing him to bring a unique perspective to nursing education.

Having working in the several ICUs as a staff nurse, agency, travel nurse, and precepting scores of students and new nurses, Tarang knows what it takes to succeed on the floor.

Tarang is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh CRNA program with expected graduation in 2017.

Tarang has a passion for teaching and simplifying difficult concepts so that nursing students can excel in their careers.


Heather Hawkins RN BSN

Heather Hawkins RN BSN

Expert Nurse Blogger – Student Nurse Mentor

I am a nurse, a wife, and a mom to a sassy little 3 year old girl. I graduated from an accelerated second degree program in 2012 and went straight onto the cardiac/telemetry unit that I did my internship on. I have recently made the transition into wound care – in which I travel all around the Midwest and consult with wound care nurses to help get their patients the supplies that they need.

Overjoyed is an understatement when talking about how I feel on joining the NRSNG team. I was so excited when Jon asked me to be a part of this wonderful community he has created. We both experienced the same sub par nursing school, so the NRSNG vision is very much instilled in me. I am super pumped to help in the shaping of some wonderful nurses – and to of course make nursing school not so damn hard!!


Susan DuPont RN BSN

Susan DuPont RN BSN TNCC

Expert Nurse Blogger – Editor – Instructor

I became a nurse because I have a passion for people, education, and life. My experience of becoming a nurse was laden with unnecessary frustration, negativity and hardship. I was even discouraged from becoming a nurse by my nursing instructor who told me I would never make it as a nurse. Not only did I prove her wrong by becoming a nurse, but I plan to show her and the rest of the world how to ignite our future nurses with better education, support, and encouragement.

Using my experience in the Emergency Room (where you better know your medications, procedures, and pathophysiology STAT), I want to be a part of the change that empowers all the potential amazing nurses and boost the nursing profession into the realm of greatness. Nursing is a profession that has far greater potential if we could all stop getting in our own way, so let’s change that!

Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN

Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN

Expert Nurse Blogger – Editor – Instructor

I was there. I was in nursing school, not getting it, scouring the internet for help. Once I figured out what I was doing, I wanted to help others so they didn’t have to go through what I went through. I was upset that after all the money spent on my education that I felt almost as clueless as the first day of clinicals. I believe that you can’t complain about something if you’re not willing to fix it.

Since 2013 I have been working to fix it and after all of the online resources that I’ve discovered (and some that I’ve made myself!), I feel that NRSNG.com produces the best, most concise information. It’s the stuff I was searching for 9 years ago when I started nursing school. Nursing students need this information and support and I’m honored to be a part of it.

I originally went into nursing for practical purposes but stayed in it because I fell in love. I love caring for people and their loved ones during their toughest moments. I love working with the health care team to figure the best thing for the patient. I love the technical side of nursing like the medications, procedures, technology, etc. But I also love how nursing blends an emotional, cultural, and social side of things. Having a job where you need both head and heart knowledge to be successful is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of nursing.

I am a bedside nurse and have been since I graduated. I’ve work on the floor, step­down and in critical care. I have my bachelor’s degree that I received in 2010 and am nationally certified. I still work with patients and other nurses on the front lines. Because of this, I am aware of the ever­evolving challenges that face the bedside nurse. I know what it takes for students to be successful at the bedside because I am still there.


Sandra Haws

Sandi Haws RD LD MS CNSC

Student Cheerleader and Support

I have been working with NRSNG for over a year now, and I love getting to know everyone and learning how we can be the most help to you.

I have been a registered dietitian for 8 years now, focusing on nutrition support in the critical care patient. I have worked for several large hospital chains working very closely with the entire healthcare team.

At NRSNG I have contributed as a writer and content editor for healthcare nutrition related materials. I manage customer service and logistics. Please continue to let us know what you need and how we can help!


Dan Jones

Dan Jones, MS

Lead App Developer

After teaching programming and app development for nearly a decade, Dan now leads all app development for NRSNG.

Greg Billings

Greg Billings

Lead Web App Developer

Greg joined the NRSNG Family in 2015 as the lead web app developer heading up large scale web app programming and development projects. Though he goes unseen . . . he is involved behind the scenes.


Taylor Hendricksen

Strategic Marketing – Lead Web Developer

I joined the NRSNG.com team in early 2016, and while I’m not a nurse myself, I’m married to one and have a deep respect for the profession.

I joined to help Jon take NRSNG to the next level in terms of growth, strategy, marketing, brand and technical systems. My team and I also handle all of the technical details of the website and marketing systems.