Nursing education has to change!

Hi, I’m Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN. I am the founder and lead teacher here at NRSNG (get it NURSING without the vowels).

Are you sick of professors that just read from powerpoints, administration that doesn’t seem to care, and being assigned to read 5,257 pages per night with little or no explanation on what you are actually learning? So was I!

I am an ICU nurse, Charge Nurse, preceptor, code team nurse, and mentor to nursing students and new nurses. During nursing school I became to frustrated with the way nursing education was headed. With NRSNG.com our mission is to change that.

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Our Goal Is to Change Nursing Education Forever.

Yes, that is ambitious . . . but after talking directly to hundreds of thousands of nursing students all over the world, I have learned that my experience in nursing school is not unique. So many students struggle for no reason at all. Yes, nursing school is hard because there is so much to learn . . . but it doesn’t have to so complicated in the sense that schools and some professors are complicating the process.

Here is what we believe needs to change about nursing education:

  • Schools must hire professors with a PASSION not burnt out bedside nurses.
  • Nursing must be taught as a SCIENCE not just an art.
  • Stop talking about critical thinking . . . and TEACH it.
  • We must stop teaching mnemonics and start teaching the PROCESS.
  • Students must be taught how to THINK and not just to follow steps or call a doctor.
  • Professors should be promoted based on student SUCCESS and not on politics.
  • Schools need to STOP passings students that are not ready.
  • Students need more time in CLINICALS with preceptors that care.

Unlike many of the other companies that produce websites, books or courses online today,

We Are Actually Nurses!

We’ve actually gone through nursing school, actually have passed the NCLEX® exam, and have actually worked in real life hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, etc. so have seen it all. Here are some of the names you’ll see around our site and courses:

  • Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN
  • Tarang Patel RN CCRN SRNA
  • Heather Hawkins RN BSN
  • Susan DuPont RN BSN
  • Kati Kleber RN BSN CCRN
  • Sandi Haws RD LD MS CNSC


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