Nursing education has to change!

Hi, I’m Jon Haws RN BSN. I am the founder and lead teacher here at NRSNG (get it NURSING without the vowels).

Are you sick of professors that just read from powerpoints, administration that doesn’t seem to care, and being assigned to read 5,257 pages per night with little or no explanation on what you are actually learning? So was I!

I have worked as an ICU nurse, Charge Nurse, preceptor, code team nurse, and mentor to nursing students and new nurses. During nursing school I became to frustrated with the way nursing education was headed. With our mission is to change that.

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Our Goal Is to Change Nursing Education Forever.

Yes, that is ambitious . . . but after talking directly to hundreds of thousands of nursing students all over the world, I have learned that my experience in nursing school is not unique. So many students struggle for no reason at all. Yes, nursing school is hard because there is so much to learn . . . but it doesn’t have to so complicated in the sense that schools and some professors are complicating the process.

Here is what we believe needs to change about nursing education:

  • Schools must hire professors with a PASSION not burnt out bedside nurses.
  • Nursing must be taught as a SCIENCE not just an art.
  • Stop talking about critical thinking . . . and TEACH it.
  • We must stop teaching mnemonics and start teaching the PROCESS.
  • Students must be taught how to THINK and not just to follow steps or call a doctor.
  • Professors should be promoted based on student SUCCESS and not on politics.
  • Schools need to STOP passings students that are not ready.
  • Students need more time in CLINICALS with preceptors that care.

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Unlike Many Other Online Nursing Brands, We Are ACTUALLY Nurses!

We’ve actually gone through nursing school, actually have passed the NCLEX® exam, and have actually worked in real life hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, etc. so have seen it all. Here are some of the names you’ll see around our site and courses:

Jon Haws RN BSN

Founder and Lead Teacher

Having worked as an ICU nurse, preceptor, Code Team Nurse, ICU Charge Nurse, and mentor to thousands of nursing students I strive give you the support, encouragement, education, and tools you need to succeed in nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and excel as a nurse.

I have a relentless passion for simplifying the process of nursing education. . . it has become unnecessarily over-complicated, with too much fluff and politics. It’s time to ditch the old way.

I am so happy you are here and want you to feel welcome and appreciated as a member of the NRSNG Family.

We are all in this together.

Sandi Haws MSN RD

Success Team Manager

Hi my name is Sandi Haws and I am the Success Team leader here at NRSNG.  I am married to Jon Haws and we have two inspiring children named Taz and Kai.  I learn something new from them each day!


Jon started NRSNG in 2014 and at the beginning I helped out in any way that I could.  As we have continued to grow I have tried many different hats and finally ended up taking over our customer support which we call our Success Team!  


I was a practicing registered dietitian for 8 years, focusing on nutrition support in the critical care patient. I worked for several large hospital chains working very closely with the entire healthcare team.  After 8 years working as a dietitian I started contributing more and more to NRSNG and finally came to work at NRSNG full-time just a couple years ago.

My goal here at NRSNG is to treat all of our students as a part of a family.  I don’t believe in the “eat their young” mentality in the healthcare field; I believe we should encourage learning not disable it.  I want every NRSNG user to feel that they have someone that they can come to for support and help in achieving their goals. That is what the NRSNG Family means to me.

Anna Bennett

Customer Support Specialist

I came to the NRSNG Family in 2016. Having worked many years in customer service I dedicate myself in providing the best support I can for our NRSNG Family Members.  I love helping others and seeing them achieve their goals! To be apart of that in a small way brings such pride. I love NRSNG and truly believe in our mission to “Provide Peace of Mind to Those Who Take Care of the World Through Tools and Confidence One Interaction at a Time”

Dan Jones M.Ed.

Technology Guru

I am excited to be part of the NRSNG family.  After college I spent six years teaching at a High School in Texas. I also spent a couple of years teaching an introduction to pedagogy at the local community college and earned my Masters in Education with a focus on technology. I then transitioned into a project management position helping to provide technology at live events.  I am happy to be back in an educational company. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping other to gain necessary skills and knowldege. I know how hard it can be to prepare for exams or to deal with difficult instructors. But we truly have a family here at NRSNG and together we will all succeed!

Nichole Weaver, MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

Content Director

Hello NRSNG family! I am so happy you’re here! My name is Nichole Weaver, RN, CCRN. I’ve been a nurse since 2009, working in mostly critical care and emergency medicine in that time. I earned my Master’s Degree in Nursing Education in 2014 and have been teaching in various settings since then, including BSN and MSN, online and traditional. I have always loved to teach. Seeing light bulbs go on in my students is incredibly rewarding.  My students always say that I am encouraging and motivating and make them feel like they CAN be a nurse someday!


That’s the positivity I hope to bring to NRSNG! My role as Content Director is to make sure that all the content we are providing you is not only clinical relevant and clinically accurate, but also easy for you to follow and understand. We want you to get those Ah-hah moments and to feel confident and empowered by the tools you get here at NRSNG. You CAN do this! Happy Nursing!

Tammy Haws CST

Product Expert

Hello NRSNG Family!  My name is Tammy Haws and I am your Assistant Buyer for NRSNG.  I worked at Children’s Medical Center, Dallas in the operating room for 5 years before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah where I also worked at the Children’s Hospital for about a year.  I moved back to Texas to take a job with NRSNG as their Assistant Buyer. I absolutely love being able to talk with y’all and find out what you need to be successful before nursing school, during nursing school, and after.  

In my free time I enjoy training and competing in Marathons, and Ironman distance triathlons.

Tony Haws

Operations Manager

All around good guy! Tony is here to make sure everything is up and running so that we can succeed in our mission to provide the tools and confidence each of us need to have peace of mind.

Heather Hawkins RN BSN

Expert Nurse Blogger – Student Nurse Mentor

I am a nurse, a wife, and a mom to a sassy little 3 year old girl. I graduated from an accelerated second degree program in 2012 and went straight onto the cardiac/telemetry unit that I did my internship on. I have recently made the transition into wound care – in which I travel all around the Midwest and consult with wound care nurses to help get their patients the supplies that they need.

Overjoyed is an understatement when talking about how I feel on joining the NRSNG team. I was so excited when Jon asked me to be a part of this wonderful community he has created. We both experienced the same sub par nursing school, so the NRSNG vision is very much instilled in me. I am super pumped to help in the shaping of some wonderful nurses – and to of course make nursing school not so damn hard!!

Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN

Nurse, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

I am millennial nurse and has been a member of the profession since 2010, with experience in both cardiac med-surg and neurocritical care. Once I felt confident in my skills at the bedside in both the med-surg and critical care settings, I decided to share my knowledge with other new nurses, and created the website and FreshRN Podcast. I did this to provide practical tips, inspiration, and encouragement to those entering the profession.

I am the author of the American Nurses Association’s Admit One, What’s Next, and Anatomy of a Super Nurse, and two additional self-published titles (Becoming Nursey, and co-author of the Nurses Guide to Blogging). I am also a blogger, podcaster, and speaker on top nursing trends. In 2015, I was recognized by the Charlotte Business Journal as the 2015 Nurse of the Year, one was a recipient of the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina award. You can check me out across a number of media outlets, including CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, U.S. News, The TODAY Show, and more.

I am currently working on my Masters of Science in Nursing Education at Capella University while continuing to work at the bedside.

To learn more please click here.

Lalaine Garcia

Production assistant

I am Laine. I am a university graduate with a degree in Information Technology. I have been a Freelance Web Developer for almost 3 yrs. I work with professionalism and give my all to my projects to make them not just ordinary but extraordinary.

As a production assistant I make sure that every tasks is precise and done efficiently. This teaches me how to focus, to be vigilant and active and keen at work. My experiences in NRSNG is a lifelong learning and it is indeed my pleasure to work with them. It helps me a lot in my career as a professional. I am grateful to NRSNG for all the important things I learn from them.

Susan DuPont RN BSN CEN

Expert Nurse Blogger – Editor – Instructor

I became a nurse because I have a passion for people, education, and life. My experience of becoming a nurse was laden with unnecessary frustration, negativity and hardship. I was even discouraged from becoming a nurse by my nursing instructor who told me I would never make it as a nurse. Not only did I prove her wrong by becoming a nurse, but I plan to show her and the rest of the world how to ignite our future nurses with better education, support, and encouragement.


I currently work in an Emergency Room where you better know your medications, procedures, and pathophysiology!  I also recently started my own blog:  I love being a part of the change to empower potential nurses and boost the nursing profession into the realm of greatness.  Nursing is a profession that has far greater potential if we could all stop getting in our own way, so let’s change that!

Tarang Patel RN CCRN SRNA RPh


Tarang is both a Pharmacist, Critical Care RN, and Nurse Anesthetist student allowing him to bring a unique perspective to nursing education.

Having working in the several ICUs as a staff nurse, agency, travel nurse, and precepting scores of students and new nurses, Tarang knows what it takes to succeed on the floor.

Tarang is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh CRNA program with expected graduation in 2017.

Tarang has a passion for teaching and simplifying difficult concepts so that nursing students can excel in their careers.