Nursing education has to change!

Hi, I’m Jon Haws RN BSN. I am the founder and lead teacher here at NRSNG (get it NURSING without the vowels).

Are you sick of professors that just read from powerpoints, administration that doesn’t seem to care, and being assigned to read 5,257 pages per night with little or no explanation on what you are actually learning? So was I!

I have worked as an ICU nurse, Charge Nurse, preceptor, code team nurse, and mentor to nursing students and new nurses. During nursing school I became to frustrated with the way nursing education was headed. With our mission is to change that.

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Our Goal Is to Change Nursing Education Forever.

Yes, that is ambitious . . . but after talking directly to hundreds of thousands of nursing students all over the world, I have learned that my experience in nursing school is not unique. So many students struggle for no reason at all. Yes, nursing school is hard because there is so much to learn . . . but it doesn’t have to so complicated in the sense that schools and some professors are complicating the process.

Here is what we believe needs to change about nursing education:

  • Schools must hire professors with a PASSION not burnt out bedside nurses.
  • Nursing must be taught as a SCIENCE not just an art.
  • Stop talking about critical thinking . . . and TEACH it.
  • We must stop teaching mnemonics and start teaching the PROCESS.
  • Students must be taught how to THINK and not just to follow steps or call a doctor.
  • Professors should be promoted based on student SUCCESS and not on politics.
  • Schools need to STOP passings students that are not ready.
  • Students need more time in CLINICALS with preceptors that care.

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Unlike Many Other Online Nursing Brands, We Are ACTUALLY Nurses!

We’ve actually gone through nursing school, actually have passed the NCLEX® exam, and have actually worked in real life hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, etc. so have seen it all. Here are some of the names you’ll see around our site and courses:

Jon Haws, RN BSN


Jon is the founder of NRSNG, a company he founded with the mission to help nursing students and new nurses on their educational journey. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. He is a licensed Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.

Before founding NRSNG, Jon worked as an ICU nurse, preceptor, Code Team Nurse, ICU Charge Nurse at Methodist Dallas Medical Center a Level I Trauma Center (one of only three in Dallas that provides adult trauma care).

Having experienced frustration with nursing education when in school and seeing the struggles of new nurses Jon set out in 2015 to create a podcast that provided support, encouragement, education and tools  to students and new nurses. This podcast was the birth of NRSNG.

Today, Jon spends his days working on mentoring nursing students and new nurses and thinking of ways to simplifying the process of nursing education by providing books, study tools, tutoring, and other resources. His main focus is on the NRSNG Academy and making it into the premier resource for student and new nurses.

In his free time, Jon is an avid reader finishing a book a week. He also enjoys spending time with his two children.

2010 B.S. in Business Administration
2013 Bachelor’s of Science Nursing
2015 Founded NRSNG


Speaking Engagements:

2017 Collin College – Test Taking Tips
2018 NRSNG Live – DFW
2018 Kentucky Association of Nursing Students Annual Conference
2018 Arkansa Nursing Student’s Association Annual Convention
2018 California Men in Nursing Conference



The New Nurse Survival Guide
Nursing Assessment
N is for Nurse
140 Must Know Meds for Nurses
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Dan Jones, M.Ed. PMP

Chief Technology Officer

Dan is NRSNG’s Chief Technology Officer responsible for all information technology and applications. Dan has a B.S. in Education from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Technology Education from Lamar University.  He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Dan was a high school computer science teach from 2005 to 2010 and then moved into industry with Production Resource Group as the Technology Operations Director. He joined NRSNG in 2017.

At NRSNG Dan manages the development of the NRSNG website, NRSNG Academy and all NRSNG Apps. NRSNG would not be able to lead in nursing technology without his guidance.

In his free time Dan enjoys cooking and spending time with his 6 children and is a volunteer Sunday School teacher at his church. Among his unique talents he can do balloon animals. You might catch Dan driving down the road in his Mini Cooper with his Yorkie.

2005 B.S. Education BYU
2010 Masters Technology Education Lamar University
2005-2010 Computer Science Teacher
2010-2017 Production Resource Group
2017 NRSNG

Nichole Weaver, MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

Director of Curriculum

Nichole is the Director of Curriculum at NRSNG. She is responsible for creating, cultivating, and managing all of the content in NRSNG Academy.   She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 2009. She is a licensed Registered Nurse in Texas with a specialty certification in Critical Care since 2010.  She has a Master’s Degree in Nursing with a focus in Education from the University of Texas at Arlington, and is beginning work on her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Educational Leadership.  

Prior to joining the NRSNG family, Nichole was working as an ICU nurse in Columbia, SC, and an adjunct faculty member at the University of South Carolina and the University of Texas at Arlington Colleges of Nursing.  She joined NRSNG full time at the beginning of 2018 and now works to manage the educational content in NRSNG Academy.

As a proud Army wife, Nichole has had the unique experience of living and working as a nurse overseas in England.  She worked in a local Intensive Care Unit as well as worked for a Complex Home Healthcare company as the Assistant Clinical Director and Nurse Educator.  

In her free time, Nichole enjoys being outdoors camping and hiking with her husband, working out – specifically olympic-style weight lifting, and spending time with friends.  

2009 B.S. in Nursing
2009-2018 Registered Nurse (I.C.U. and E.R.)
Parkland Health and Hospital System, Dallas, TX
John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, TX
Cheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham, England, UK
Methodist Dallas Medical Center, Dallas, TX
Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Columbia, SC
2014 Assistant Clinical Director and Nurse Educator
Network Health & Social Care, Bristol, England, UK
2014 M.S. in Nursing Education
2014-2018 Adjunct Nursing Faculty
University of Texas at Arlington
University of South Carolina
2018 NRSNG
2021 Doctor of Nursing Practice, American Sentinel University expected graduation 2021

Chance Reaves, BSN, RN

Assistant Nurse Educator

Chance is Assistant Nurse Educator at NRSNG. He is responsible for facilitating the content on NRSNG Academy, the NRSNG blog, and various NRSNG podcasts. Prior to becoming a nurse, Chance worked for over ten years as a veterinary technician. He graduated from Western Governors University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Nursing Education from Western Governors University.

Before joining NRSNG, Chance worked as a nurse in the ICU at Parkland Hospital and at Richland College both in Dallas, Texas.

At NRSNG Chance assists with creating, cultivating, and managing all of the content in NRSNG Academy and assists with blogs, podcasts and other content creation.

In his free time, Chance enjoys going to the gym daily – focusing on strength training. He is an amateur photographer doing portrait and wedding photography. When he is relaxing he is spends time with his wife and twin daughters.

2004-2014 Vet Technician
2015 B.S. in Nursing
2015-2017 Parkland Hospital
2017 – 2018 Richland College
2018 NRSNG
2019 M.S. Nursing-Education, Western Governors University expected graduation 2019

marie clark msnMarie Clark, RN MSN

Question Writer

Marie is a question writer and editor for NRSNG.  She is responsible for researching, updating and editing “the world’s largest question bank”.  She started her career outside of healthcare after graduating with spanish and business degrees, working as a project manager for a financial corporation.  She then felt drawn to nursing, and eventually received her Master’s in Nursing and Healthcare Practice in 2008.

She is currently a licensed registered nurse in Colorado, starting her nursing career in a new graduate program at the University of Colorado Hospital in the Burn Intensive Care Unit.  She eventually found her home at Avista, a small community hospital in Louisville, Colorado. Marie continues to work as a staff nurse and preceptor on the Medical/Surgical and Joints units, as well as floating to ICU and mom/baby.  She precepts nursing students and new graduate nurses and will always agree to joining a steering committee for care improvement throughout the hospital. Her current committee involvement is NICHE, or Nurses Improving Care for Health system Elders as a geriatric resource nurse.

In her free time, Marie likes to bike the local trails, attend bluegrass festivals with family and friends, and ski carefully down mountains while her husband speeds past.

BA Spanish/Business/International Business 2001
Master’s in Nursing and Healthcare Practice 2008
New Graduate Program-Burn ICU, University of Colorado Hospital 2008
Charge Nurse, Broomfield Rehabilitation Center Dec 2008-2009
Avista Adventist Hospital 2009-present
NRSNG 2018

Anthony Haws, JD

Corporate Counsel & Director of Strategic Relations

Anthony is corporate counsel and responsible for strategic relationships at NRSNG. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Political Science a minor in Public Relations and completed law school at the University of Houston. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas.

Anthony spent his early career consulting with multinational firms and financial institutions on corporate structuring, international taxation and wealth planning. He lived and worked in Europe and Asia for over a decade before returning “home” to Dallas, Texas in 2018 when he joined NRSNG.

Anthony is responsible for the role of corporate counsel (overseeing human resources, finance and legal) and assisting NRSNG in building strategic relationships with partners, schools, associations, and clients.

In his free time Anthony volunteers at the North Texas Food Bank and Human Rights Campaign. He enjoys running, art, reading and cooking. Anthony loves travel and has visited 28 countries.

2003 B.A. Political Science, Minor Public Relations BYU
2007 J.D. University of Houston Law Center
2006-2008 Deloitte
2008-2009 Baker & McKenzie
2009-2018 Credit Suisse
2018 NRSNG

Sandi Haws, MS RD

Customer Support Director

Sandi is the Director of Customer Support at NRSNG. She has a B.S. in Dietetics from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Institutional Administration from Texas Women’s University. She is a registered Dietician.

Before joining NRSNG full-time, Sandi worked as a registered dietician for 8 years at various hospitals including: Baylor Hospital System, Plano Medical Center and OSF St. Francis Medical Center. In 2015, Sandi began working with Jon full-time at NRSNG and has focused on ensuring the success of the NRSNG customers through support, community management and user experience.

In her free time, Sandi is a member of the Sing Notably North Texas Choir, she has ran 7 marathons and completed one  ½ Ironman.

2007 B.S. in Dietetics BYU
2009 Masters in Institutional Administration from TWU
2012-2013 OSF St. Francis Medical Center
2013-2016 Baylor Hospital System, Plano Medical Center
2016 NRSNG

Anna Bennett

Customer Account Manager

Anna is NRSNG’s Customer Support Manager. She has a certification from Collin College.

Prior to joining NRSNG, Anna worked for seven years as the lead Receptionist at the Allen Veterinary Clinic. She joined NRSNG in 2016 and built the customer support team and manages thousands of customer accounts daily.

In her free time she enjoys doing puzzles, running and cooking. She has completed a ½ Ironman and a marathon.

Tammy Haws CST

Community Manager

Tammy is NRSNG’s Community Manager and supervises the production, development and sales of NRSNG products.

Tammy graduated from Collin College with a Associate of Science in Surgical Technology and from BYU-Idaho, cum laude, with a B.S. in Health Science.  

Before joining NRSNG, Tammy  worked at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in the operating room on the orthopedic team. She later transferred to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.  Tammy returned to Dallas in 2017 to join NRSNG as Community Manager and supervise production, development and sales of NRSNG products.

In her free time Tammy enjoys training and competing in marathons and triathlons. She has qualified and ran in the Boston Marathon 7 times and completed a total of 2 Ironman triathlons.

2011 A.S. Collin College
2012 B.S. BYU- Idaho
2011-2016 Children’s Medical Center Dallas
2016-2017 Primary Children’s Hospital
2017 NRSNG

Tarang Patel DNP-NA, RN, CCRN, RPh


Tarang is both a Pharmacist, Critical Care RN, and Nurse Anesthetist student allowing him to bring a unique perspective to nursing education.

Having worked in several ICUs as a staff nurse, agency, travel nurse, and precepting scores of students and new nurses, Tarang knows what it takes to succeed on the floor.

Tarang is a CRNA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Tarang has a passion for teaching and simplifying difficult concepts so that nursing students can excel in their careers.

Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN


Kati is an instructor with NRSNG. She is a millennial nurse and has been a member of the profession since 2010, with experience in both cardiac med-surg and neurocritical care. She seeks to share her knowledge with other new nurses, and created the website and FreshRN Podcast.

Kati is the author of the American Nurses Association’s Admit One, What’s Next, and Anatomy of a Super Nurse, and two additional self-published titles (Becoming Nursey, and co-author of The Nurses Guide to Blogging). She is a blogger, podcaster, and speaker; and in 2015 was recognized by the Charlotte Business Journal as the 2015 Nurse of the Year, and was a recipient of the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina award.

Kati has a B.S. in Nursing from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Capella University

Dallin Lee

Inventory Assistant

Dallin is the Inventory Assistant at NRSNG and assists with assembling, packaging and shipping the NRSNG products to our customer’s all over the world.

Lalaine Garcia

Production assistant

Lalaine is the Production Assistant at NRSNG and assists with the pre and post production of videos, podcasts and blogs. Lalaine has a degree in Information Technology.

Jaimin Patel

Graphic Designer

Jaimin is the Graphic Designer  at NRSNG and assists with the production of graphics and images within NRSNG Academy.

Elisa Gabutero, RN

Customer Support

Elisa is a registered nurse and provides customer support to the NRSNG Academy users. Elisa holds a degree from Davao Doctors College. Elisa is a registered nurse.