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NRSNG is Your All-In-One, Secret Weapon for Dominating Nursing School and the NCLEX® Exam . . . Guaranteed!

Remove Anxiety. Master Nursing School. Pass the NCLEX® Your First Time with NRSNG.

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What are you struggling with in nursing school?

Most Popular NRSNG Lessons

abg lab values

ABG Lab Values

Nichole MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

ACE Inhibitors

Tarang DNP-NA, RN, CCRN, RPh

ekg course nursing school

Electrical A&P of Heart


critical thinking in nursing

Critical Thinking


Cardiac Monitoring

Paige MSN, MHA, RN



Jon BSN, BS, RN​

Fluid Compartments

Nichole MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN ​

nursing care delivery models

Care Delivery Models

Chance BSN, RN

addisons disease nursing school

Addison’s Disease



Nichole MSN/Ed, RN, CCRN

gestation nursing school



menstrual cycle nursing

Menstrual Cycle


What If You Could Instantly Remove Anxiety Over Nursing School and the NCLEX®? Now You Can With . . .

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1) Courses to supplement nursing school

2) Premium study tools and cheatsheets


3) The most realistic NCLEX simulator in the world

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The BEST place to learn nursing

Search for a lesson, cheatsheet, or care plan – we’ve got you covered.

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What are you struggling with in nursing school?

1,200+ lessons on all nursing topics

Master your nursing courses with clear and concise video lessons. Feel confident in class and clinical by learning the “must know” material. NRSNG lessons cover everything from ABGs to Pharm and everything in between.

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npq questions nursing practice tests

6,000+ NCLEX style questions with insanely detailed rationales

Reinforce learning with end of lesson quizzes or build custom quizzes from questions written by NCSBN trained question writers. Make the information stick with highly detailed rationales that include why each answer is wrong, video lessons, cheatsheets, and references.

Nursing cheatsheets, care plans, and more

NRSNG includes over 2,000 learning tools. Every nursing student is unique – that’s why NRSNG includes premium learning tools for every preferred learning style. Each lesson includes things like: color coded cheatsheets, nursing care plans, ebooks, images, case studies, mnemonics, 3d images and more.

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nclex simulator test

SIMCLEX™ (patent pending computer adaptive NCLEX simulator)

SIMCLEX™ is the most realistic NCLEX simulator in the world. We’ve spent years building a fully computer adaptive exam that looks and feels like the real NCLEX. SIMCLEX™ follows the same rules used on the NCLEX – we don’t just give you 100 questions and a pass/fail . . . we give you a simulated NCLEX.

Instead of charging $100’s for it to make massive profits (like other programs do), our mission is to give nurses the education and confidence to be successful (not just appease shareholders). For this reason, we have included it in our affordable NRSNG Academy membership, so more people who need it can get access to it.

Personalized to you and your nursing journey

You’re unique. Your school is unique. NRSNG lets you build customized “Study Plans” catered to your courses, school, and learning style. Build your study plan around concepts, popular nursing text books, or select one of our pre-built study plans.

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nrsng cohort

The most supportive nursing cohort on the planet

We call ourselves the “NRSNG Family” – when you join NRSNG, you become part of the family. We support each other, we find the positivity. We believe the world needs more nurses – and you, as the students are the future of nursing.

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Do You Remember the Last Time Something Just “Clicked” and You Instantly Understood an Entire Subject?

You were probably struggling through a particular subject, not able to make sense of the new terms or how everything fit together.

But after struggling through, you ran across one little something or “Ah Ha!” moment that made everything just make sense?

Our pedagogy (fancy word for teaching style), called The Core Content Mastery Method, helps you get to that point of mastery quickly.

With an army of passionate nurse educators, most who hold advanced degrees (MSN, DNP, PhD) and are currently working clinically in their field of practice – you are never alone.

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200 nclex pass guarantee

To Top It All Off, We Even Include Our Famous (Semi-Crazy)

200% NCLEX Pass Guarantee

I know what you’re probably thinking… “Why the heck would they offer that?”

The truth is that we believe in this material that much. If you pass a SIMCLEX™ and don’t pass the NCLEX, we’ll give you a full refund… PLUS that same amount (review terms for full details).

Our NCLEX pass rate is 99.42% 🙂

In fact, we’ve had people come to us after failing with other BIG name programs, that are finally able to pass using our methods.

We think that you’ll benefit so much from this different method of teaching and understanding, that we guarantee you’ll pass the NCLEX®, or we’ll pay you back all of what you paid us, plus that full amount again on top of it.

We have put in years of effort to make this program, and we’re confident it will help you reach your goals.

Join 250,000+ nursing students who use NRSNG to succeed

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