70+ Cheatsheets… in your scrubs pocket? (Scrubcheats App is Live)

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Struggling in nursing school?

NRSNG can help skyrocket your grades 🚀

Just wanted to let you know about a really cool resource that we just came out with to make quickly referencing just about any piece of nursing information MUCH easier.

It’s called ScrubCheats, and it’s an iPhone app that packs 70+ cheatsheets of information, (nrsng.com/scrubcheats) right in your pocket!

ScrubCheats Nursing Cheatsheets

70+ Cheatsheets, Constantly Updated

The main version is available completely for free in the app store, and contains 14 of our most popular cheatsheets. Upgrading to the premium version will cost you less than the cost of your lunch, and will give you access to all 70+ cheatsheets. We are also constantly editing and adding more cheatsheets to this list, so you’ll have immediate access to our newest additions.

Save Your Favorites

You have the ability to quickly and easily save your favorite cheatsheets, and have quick access to them, without having to scroll through the entire library to find it. So when you’re going through a particularly hard chapter in pharmacology, all your favorite meds apps are right at hand (50 most commonly prescribed meds, common medication prefixes and suffixes, etc.).

Sort by Nursing Category

All cheatsheets are sorted by the 9 nursing categories, so the perfect cheatsheet that you need is even easier to find than before. Categories include Cardiac, Endocrine, Fundamentals, GI, Labs, Neuro, OB / Peds, Pharmacology, and Respiratory.

Offline Access

With the premium version, you can easily download and access all of the cheatsheets, right within your phone. That way when you really need to find out the normal time for aPTT, and you can’t get reception on the floor, the answer is still right at your fingertips.

Ready to download the app?

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What are you struggling with in nursing school?

NRSNG supplements nursing school and helps fill in the gaps.  Search for a lesson inside NRSNG Academy below.

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