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What Nurses REALLY Do All Day? (12 Hour Shift in 12 Pics)

From 0700 to 1900 (ok maybe more like 1930) a nurses work is never done.  From report to assessments, passing pills and making sure your patients don’t die

We have all had those rough days where your feel like your always running to put out a fire.  Did we mention that you probably haven’t gotten your mandatory lunch break or had a chance to pee….

So here it is…a 12 hour shift in the life of a nurse in just 12 pictures…

0656 – Your talking in the break room and realize you didn’t clock in yet….


0745 – Still waiting to get report from your 3rd night shift nurse



0930 – Passing meds….you gotta do what you gotta do.  You have 4 other patients to get till still


1050 – Assessments done….but nothing is charted


1120 – Your Patient puts their call light on to tell you that they would prefer a cheeseburger and fries for lunch over their heart healthy diet


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1215 – Lunch is here and you still have 3 blood sugars to check….and all the accu checks are being used!


1350 – Changing the intense wound dressings in a PPE room


1440 – Doctors finally show up to round….all at the SAME TIME and they ALL need you NOW!


1530 – Waiting to get your confused patient back to bed when it hits you…..gotta pee like now….haven’t had time to go since you woke up this morning!


1620 – Finally get to go eat and there’s nothing but yogurt left in the cafeteria….least there are still donuts in the break room – don’t even care that they are stale


1715 – Got an IV in the new admit after everyone else gave it a shot


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1830 – You see night shift starting to walk in


1915 – Got to give report to the same 3 nurses you took report from this morning….only needed updates….Fastest. report. EVER!  Drop mic…peace I’m out!



Obviously we know that nurses do sooooo much more in their day, but lets have a little fun here and share in the misery and frustrations that we all face on the floor on a daily basis.


Friday Freebies Free Cheat SheetsWant free NCLEX® Cheat Sheets?
Click here to grab my top NCLEX® cheat sheets

Date Published - Apr 21, 2016
Date Modified - Apr 17, 2019

Heather Hawkins

Written by Heather Hawkins

I am a nurse, a wife, and a mom to a sassy little 3 year old girl. I graduated from an accelerated second degree program in 2012 and went straight onto the cardiac/telemetry unit that I did my internship on. I have recently made the transition into wound care – in which I travel all around the Midwest and consult with wound care nurses to help get their patients the supplies that they need.

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  1. Michael West

    Loved your video. Brought memories from Medsurg day’s. Keep up the good work.