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Ep12: Murmurs | Stenosis, Regurgitation, Systolic, Diastolic | ***FREE HANDOUT

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Video podcast today!  This one ended up being a lot longer than I had planned.  In this episode I discuss a simple method for learning murmurs and how to identify where the murmur is occurring and exactly what is happening within the heart to cause the murmur.  There is a free handout with this episode available at: NRSNG.com/Murmurs . The handout includes images and a chart I created to help you quickly learn and identify where the heart murmur is (aortic, pulmonary, stenosis, regurgitation, systolic, diastolic) and how identify them.  Video quality reduced for mobile devices.  For higher quality video visit YouTube.

Date Published - Nov 4, 2014
Date Modified - May 10, 2016

Jon Haws

Written by Jon Haws

Jon RN CCRN is a critical care nurse at a Level I Trauma center in Dallas, TX. His passions include learning about anatomy and physiology and teaching. When he isn't busting out content for NRSNG.com he loves spending time with his family.